Volatile products can now be safely managed during transport with UniCube2 Conductive ElectroStatic Discharge intermediate bulk container from Greif.

The UniCube ESD is designed for products with a flash point below 61deg C such as solvents, alcohol, fuels, glycols and acetone and is equipped with several features to eliminate electrical charges.

It has an outer layer containing conductive particles, allowing a uniform conductivity over the entire surface and ensuring no insulating surfaces greater than 100cm2. An electrical conductive discharge valve is also installed. Charged liquid is earthed through the valve via the bottle, cage and metal pallet to the earthed floor. These features are in addition to standard precautions IBC fillers and handlers have to meet in regard to electrostatic charging.

The inside layer of UniCube is made from virgin resin for enhanced product preservation. A range of steel, plastics and wooden in UN and standard versions is also available.