The deal is expected to expand Corning's Valor glass technology to produce advanced injectable drug packaging and delivery systems for the pharmaceutical industry


West Pharmaceutical, Corning collaborated to develop advanced pharmaceutical packaging solutions. (Credit: daniskg from Pixabay)

US-based West Pharmaceutical Services has entered into an exclusive supply and technology agreement with Corning for advanced drug containment and delivery system solutions.

The deal facilitates a multimillion-dollar investment for the expansion of Corning’s Valor glass technology to produce advanced injectable drug packaging and delivery systems for the pharmaceutical industry.

The strategic collaboration will help develop advanced pharmaceutical packaging solutions by combining West Pharmaceutical’s NovaPure components with Daikyo Flurotec coating technology and Corning’s Valor Glass and Velocity vials.

West Pharmaceutical Services president and CEO Eric Green said: “West and Corning have developed this exceptional collaboration to offer leading elastomer-glass system solutions for the containment and delivery of injectable medicines.

“At West, we value the state-of-the-art products offered by Corning and are excited to build together the next generation of integrated packaging and delivery innovations.”

West Pharmaceutical’s NovaPure components and Corning’s Valor Glass technology will be used by the new elastomer-glass system offerings and supportive data services.

According to West Pharmaceutical, its NovaPure components comply with Quality by Design principles and processing, representing the highest standards in pharmaceutical components.

Valor Glass has been developed by Corning to improve the storage and delivery of drugs.

Valor Glass packaging is said to hold the capacity to increase throughput, as well as provide high chemical durability, strength, and damage resistance.

Corning chairman and CEO Wendell Weeks said: “This partnership and investment enable the development and industry-leading solutions that enhance patient safety, increase quality and reliability in highly regulated markets, and ensure greater capacity for life-saving drugs.

“West is a great partner. The combination of Corning’s Valor Glass, along with West’s NovaPure components, is a win-win for customers and patients all over the world.”

In May 2020, US-based pharmaceutical firm Pfizer selected Corning Valor Glass packaging solution for a portion of currently marketed drug products.