The new 100% recyclable valve, which offers fully controlled and clean dispensing, is made of a specially developed material


Weener Plastics introduces completely recyclable dispensing valve. (Credit: Weener.)

Weener Plastics (WP), a supplier of sustainable plastic packaging solutions, has introduced what it claims to be the world’s first 100% recyclable dispensing valve.

The company stated that its Innovation & Development team has created the 100% recyclable valve, which offers fully controlled and clean dispensing.

The invention follows extensive research, trials, laboratory tests, as well as (internal and external) consumer reviews.

The new valve, which is functional in every way, is made of a specially developed material that allows complete recycling with polyolefin waste streams irrespective of the bottle material.

WP has noted that the new valve has been confirmed 100% recyclability by a renowned independent research institute.

According to the company, several brand owners and packaging professionals will be aware that silicone valves offer superior functionality in caps and closures. Many alternatives have been introduced to the market, but none could manage to replace the conventional silicone valve.

Floating silicone valves cannot be recycled and will prevent brand owners from claiming their products can be recycled 100%.

Suitable for customised designs, the new recyclable valve is compatible with a broad range of applications, including food, home care and personal care.

The company said that the dosing behaviour can also be adjusted depending on customer’s preference and fits in with all of WP’s existing MaxiDose valve closures.

In December last year, WP launched a new Carl aerosol spray actuator, a smart shoe deo spray concept with two sprays circulating in opposite directions.