Weber Marking Systems has developed a customised system for fast, flexible printing and applying of labels to Sandwich Packs and Bakery Products.

The system is based around the Geset Alpha 86 applicator and AP4040 Weber printer applicator. It can print and/or apply up to three labels to each pack and, as well as the traditional wedge shape, is able to handle other pack designs such as baps, buns and bagels.

Customers are able to change the position of labels and vary the information they contain, allowing for faster changeover than traditional hand-held labelling. Because it is made up of individual pieces of equipment, the Sandwich labelling system can be adapted to meet changes in requirements.

The machines are placed along a split conveyor. One side is designed to handle wedge shape packs, the other round breads with the applicator heads quickly transferred between the two.

For the wedge shaped packs two labels can be applied top and bottom to the front opening of the pack, allowing the sandwich filling to be clearly visible in the centre. If required a third label, perhaps including a bar code, can be applied to the underside.