Weber Marking Systems has introduced a range of enhancements to its 5200 Series print and apply labeller. The features are focused on making the machine easier to operate and helping to maximise machine up time and product throughput.

Operators can now make adjustments to the label position on a product while the machine is running, thus reducing line stoppages. Similarly, if the applicator fails to apply a label to a product, the applicator arm will reset itself after three seconds and the label will be discarded.

A new mounting arm allows the applicator 360º movement for its positioning on line and helping to ensure accurate label placement for awkwardly shaped products.

The 5200 now features an upgraded control panel, “allowing engineers easier and faster access to change configurations on the machine”.

Weber says modifications to the rewind motor pulley have also made the labelling procedure more smooth running, while a new vacuum generator and exhaust muffler have been developed to reduce noise levels.