New eco-friendly packaging will replace plastic shrink wrap with cardboard boxboard on Seagram Island Time Anytime, Seagram Island Time Coconut Lime and LandShark Lager 6x473ml packs

Waterloo Brewing Ltd--Waterloo Brewing has sprouted new eco-frie

Environmentally Friendly Packaging (Credit: CNW Group/Waterloo Brewing Ltd.)

Demonstrating a strong commitment to our planet and environmental sustainability, Waterloo Brewing is investing in new eco-friendly packaging, replacing is “single use” plastic shrink wrap for “recyclable” cardboard packaging on Seagram Island Time Anytime 6x355ml can packs, Seagram Island Time Coconut Lime 6x355ml can packs and LandShark Lager 6x473ml can packs.

“Sustainability is, and has been, a top priority for us at Waterloo Brewing. This most recent initiative and investment in our brands is a positive example of how we can shift towards a greener future,” said Kim Mannerow, Director of Marketing.

“As a leader in Canada’s craft brewing space, it’s important for us to demonstrate our commitment to environmental responsibility and to innovate at the same time,” added Adam Spadotto, Director of Supply Chain.

Consistent with its long-term objectives, Waterloo Brewing continues to find opportunities to manage and reduce their carbon footprint, waste diversion and water footprint.

The journey started in 2015 when Waterloo Brewing installed a new state-of-the art environmentally friendly Brewhouse.  Using the latest Bavarian brewing technology and equipment, it was designed to operate sustainably – through improved material utilization, lower energy consumption and reduced waste and wastewater discharges.  Since then, Waterloo Brewing upgraded its existing can line and installed a new can line with new energy efficient pasteurization equipment, installed energy-efficient lighting, upgraded cooling systems, installed Energy Monitoring System, and installed two new high-efficiency boilers to further reduce its carbon footprint.

Consumers will begin seeing the new Seagram packaging at the LCBO, and the new LandShark packaging at The Beer Store, LCBO and select grocers this spring.

Source: Company Press Release