Following its acquisition by the USA’s MonoSol group, UK water soluble film specialist Aquafilm has been re-named MonoSol AF.

Founded in 1986, the company is a leader in extruded water soluble films. Its products include innovative packaging films and water soluble laundry bags for infection control purposes in the healthcare industries. The soluble laundry bag technology has also been adopted in the hospitality, nuclear and general manufacturing industries for containing bed linens and uniforms, respectively. MonoSol AF will continue to use the Aquafilm brand name.

P Scott Bening, president and ceo of MonoSol LLC, says: “We are confident that our soluble technology development timelines will be greatly reduced and overall innovation capabilities have been enhanced beyond any other company in the world.”

MonoSol AF vp and managing director Martin Osborne adds: “This development is part of our plan to enhance and extend our technical and commercial support for all of MonoSol’s products to our customers. It also lays the foundation for the expansion of production and distribution facilities in Europe.”

The acquisition is said to have combined the strengths and capabilities of both companies to offer both extruded and solution cast production methods “to provide the most advanced range of films available”.


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