The WAMI infinite recyclable cans are made available exclusively in Italy through restaurants, bistros and cafes


Crown designed aluminium cans for Italian water brand WAMI. (Credit: Crown)

Italian water brand WAMI has launched its fresh drinking water in aluminium cans designed by Crown Bevcan Europe & Middle East.

The move, which is effective from July 2020, is a part of WAMI’s commitment to making a positive impact in the world.

WAMI has selected Crown’s infinite recyclable cans, which have been designed to remain within the material loop.

WAMI infinite recyclable cans available in 0.44cl size

Available in 0.44cl size and exclusively in Italy through restaurants, bistros and cafes, the new aluminium cans feature WAMI logo on a white surface together with brushstroke effect graphics in green for natural and blue for sparkling.

WAMI CEO Giacomo Stefanini said: “We see our product as consistent with a contemporary vision of the restaurant business. A business which is more and more aware of the need to create a sustainable alternative to our patterns of consumption, but also focused on product design.

“That is why we wanted to make our can an icon of style, allowing restaurants and bars to show their customers how proud they are to be part of the WAMI Community.”

The cans also feature a QR code that is integrated into the design. It allows consumers to discover exact details of where their contribution has been made.

Crown Bevcan Europe & Middle East marketing & business development director Veronique Curulla said: “We are honored to have worked with WAMI on this project. Metal was a natural choice for the packaging substrate since its source materials are abundant and inherently circular.

“It is well known that once metal enters the material-to-material loop, where it gets recycled again and again, it will always be available for future use and maintain its properties forever.”

In May 2020, Italian spring water brand Acqua S. Bernardo (San Bernardo) has launched its premium still and sparkling mineral water in metal packaging from Crown.