The Pahu Nunui stores the naturally alkaline Hawaiian volcanic water in a 100% recyclable box


Image: Waiākea Water brings Hawaiian volcanic water in 15l Pahu Nunui bag-in-box. Photo: courtesy of congerdesign/Pixabay.

Hawaiian volcanic water brand Waiākea Water has launched a new 15l bag-in-box packaging format, called Pahu Nunui, for its alkaline water product.

Priced at $40 (£32.43), Pahu Nunui stores the naturally alkaline water in a completely recyclable box that brings down packaging by 66%, while helping in offsetting carbon emissions by 97%.

Waiākea Water claimed that the launch of the bag-in-box packaging format is one of the several measures it has and plans to take to consolidate its position in enviro-tech innovation in the beverage sector.

Comments on the new Pahu Nunui 15l bag-in-box

Waiākea CEO and founder Ryan Emmons said: “This has been years in the making so we couldn’t be more excited to make this available to our e-commerce customers. We’ve received many requests over the years for a bulk water delivery option, and we’ve been listening. We are thrilled to launch the Pahu Nunui Bag-In-Box.”

The volcanic water brand said that it supports the cause of a functioning closed-loop recycling system. It claimed that the new Pahu Nunui bag-in-box provides more volume with less environmental impact when compared to conventionally-lined cartons, glass, or PET containers.

Furthermore, Waiākea Water said that it is providing an upcycling programme where customers can return their empty bags and spouts which will be upcycled into a new product.

The packaged water company said that its upcycling process utilises modern pyrolysis technology to turn used bags into wax-based materials and also as high-grade fuels.

It claimed that ten upcycled bags make nearly half a gallon of high-grade fuel that can be converted into wax for candles and other goods, char, energy to power machinery, and beyond that.

Emmons said: “While most people will be able to recycle their #7 used bags locally, we provide an upcycling program that gives each bag a new life for those who can’t. Customers can request a prepaid label from our customer service team and then simply mail it back to us at no cost through our carbon neutral UPS shipping, and we will take care of the rest.”

Earlier this year, Waiākea Water launched 1.5l bottles of Hawaiian volcanic water, which are claimed to be made completely from other post-recycled or upcycled bottles (RPET).