The compostable SupraPulp container is designed to replace plastic, aluminium, or foam containers for food products


W-Cycle’s SupraPulp containers replace plastic packaging with food waste. (Credit: W-Cycle)

Israeli food-tech startup W-Cycle has introduced a sugarcane waste-based durable packaging, called SupraPulp, which is fully compostable and safe for the food industry.

The plastic-free SupraPulp is designed as an ideal replacement for plastic, aluminium, or foam containers for food products, especially fresh, frozen, or prepared consumer packaged meals.

W-Cycle said that the patented SupraPulp pack can be frozen and heated with either an oven, convection oven, steam cooker or microwave.

SupraPulp is made from 100% renewable sugarcane fibres

Additionally, the field-tested SupraPulp is made from 100% renewable sugarcane fibres, called bagasse. The bagasse is a dry, pulpy fibrous matter that remains once the juice is extracted from sugarcane or sorghum stalks.

W-Cycle CEO and co-founder Lior Itai said: “Dispose SupraPulp packages the same way as you would your salad.

“This food-grade, compostable packaging is a one-to-one replacement for its plastic counterpart. There are other compostable solutions on the market, but SupraPulp has game-changing functionality consumers need when they want to heat, freeze, or microwave convenience food products.

“Plus, SupraPulp trays have a luxury look and feel compared to plastic, aluminum, or bioplastic containers.”

Said to be non-coated, toxin and metal-free, the SupraPulp containers are oil – and water-resistant while the material withstands temperatures ranging from -40°C to 270°C.

W-Cycle CTO and co-founder Joseph Siani said: “Covid19 is drawing consumers’ attention to how we treat our planet and the future of the environment.

“There is greater demand — and pressure — on brands to offer environmentally responsible products. Providing a compostable solution for ready meals, and meat products allows us to help food manufactures as well as consumers ditch plastic containers and create a cleaner environment.

“We are currently marketing SupraPulp trays and connecting with strategic distributors, the demand is outstanding.”