Voridian has launched a new PET resin that provides UV light protection for food, beverage, cosmetic, household, personal care and pharmaceutical products.

Vitiva PET PC715 contains an FDA-approved UV absorber that protects delicate colours, flavours, vitamins and nutrients in custom packaging applications.

“Vitiva PET combines solid UV light protection with superior technical performance while maintaining the crystal optical clarity of PET,” explains marketing manager North America Lavonna Buehrig.

“Products damaged by UV light can result in reduced consumer appeal and lost sales. Vitiva PET helps enhance brand image by enabling sleek designs and sharp colours in a resin that extends shelf life.”

Vitiva PET also offers significant processing advantages. The resin is capable of efficient blow-moulding output rates and can accommodate 1, 1.5 and 2-stage bottle production.

The resin’s UV inhibitor produces no plate-out on moulds or dryers. It is a drop-in replacement for standard PET.