Viking developed 4SC-235 as an affordable, user-friendly pouch packaging option to address the growing needs of SMBs and niche markets


Viking Masek 4SC-235 pouch packing machine. (Credit: Viking Masek Packaging Technologies)

Viking Masek Packaging Technologies, a manufacturer of packaging systems, has rolled out 4SC-235, its new automated pouch packaging machine for small businesses.

Viking Masek said that its new pouch packaging machine 4SC-235 is completely manufactured at its US headquarters in Wisconsin.

The machine features stress-tested parts designed for long-term use, with reduced machine footprint, and a streamlined workflow that requires minimal operator technical skill.

It comes with visual measures and gauges for easy adjustments, a simplified human-machine interface, and minimal maintenance, said Viking Masek.

The company intends to apply the new project to its existing product portfolio, and continuously improve the value to end-users.

Viking Masek president Robb Leonhard said: “The development of the 4SC-235 premade pouch machine allows Viking Masek to help an entirely new customer market.

“It also gives our existing brand loyal customers a compact, highly productive, premade pouch packaging solution.”

According to the company, its products widely cater to clients that require maximum throughput and custom packaging solutions.

Its R&D team worked for around 10 months to develop 4SC-235 as an affordable, user-friendly pouch packaging option to address the growing needs of SMBs and niche markets.

The team not only focused on creating an affordable machine without compromising on build quality, but also to develop technologies that offer measurable value to its clients, said the company.

Viking Masek R&D manager Mike Schaap said: “From design review meetings to completing designs to longevity testing, and finally to a working machine and gathering team input and enhancement changes, we have a new machine platform that will exceed our customer’s needs.”

Viking Masek business development VP Scott Miller said: “The industry is in desperate need of automated manufacturing technologies that have the intelligence to adjust, size change, troubleshoot, and run themselves without the need for operators.

“We expect to lead the industry as we develop new packaging machines, coupling them with new high-speed automated secondary packaging.

“All of this will be developed with the customer in mind, with the goal of reducing the manual labour needed to meet or exceed current demands.”