Videojet 1880 printer enables to apply quality code every time with a suite of code management tools and line integration capabilities


Videojet has introduced a new digitally-enabled continuous inkjet printer. (Credit: vixrealitum from Pixabay)

Videojet Technologies, a provider of coding, marking and printing solutions, has expanded its SIMPLICiTY continuous inkjet (CIJ) printer portfolio with the introduction of a new Videojet 1880 CIJ printer.

Designed for Industry 4.0 pioneers, the new CIJ printer will allow users to avoid manufacturing downtime using advanced and digitally-enabled technology.

SIMPLICiTY CIJ printers are provided with tablet-inspired touchscreen interfaces with built-in error-proofing rules to help minimise training and refreshers for most printer operations.

Videojet 1880 printer allows applying quality code every time with a suite of code management tools, line integration capabilities and unique features.

The new 1880 printer is installed with an advanced MAXIMiZE diagnostics platform, which monitors printer health and performance patterns to help operators detect if a fault is likely to occur.

Advance alerts are designed to avoid expensive downtime, as well as to plan maintenance and changeovers as per the production schedules.

An optional VideojetConnect remote service enables operators to quickly react and recover with real-time notifications and instant visibility to printer data if any issue does occur.

Rapid Recover, which included as a standard part of VideojetConnect Remote Service, uses advanced automated troubleshooting to rapidly diagnose a fault and recommend action to either repair or swap with a spare to help resume production within 20 minutes.

The advanced 1880 printhead integrates a sensor that allows the printer to detect ink build-up in the printhead and subsequently notify an operator of potential code quality issues.

Videojet unit director CIJ business Mithun Ramachandran said: “For many of our customers, an hour of production loss is an hour too many.

“With the Videojet 1880 Continuous Inkjet printer, we not only want to provide best-in-class reliability and uptime but also deliver a suite of built-in diagnostics, remote service and recovery tools.

“We expect these solutions to give our customers and Videojet the ability to see, understand and take action from anywhere at any time.”

In April 2019, Videojet introduced new Videojet 7230 and 7330 marking solutions to meet the manufacturers’ demands for a light, compact and adaptable fibre laser solution.