Suitable for printing codes and other information on plastics, metal and glass substrates, these new inks are said to provide better adherence to flexible food packaging


Videojet launches two non-MEK black inks. (Credit: Bank Phrom on Unsplash)

Coding, marking and printing solutions provider Videojet Technologies has introduced new patent-pending continuous inkjet (CIJ) safe and sustainable inks, V4264 and V464.

According to the US-based firm, non-MEK black inks provide better adherence to flexible food packaging and require less makeup than similar inks based on MEK.

The inks, which are designed for use in Videojet CIJ printers, are suitable for printing codes and other information on plastics as well as on metal and glass surfaces, Videojet said.

The company claims that the V4264 and V464 inks abide by the Japan ISHL Class 2 Organic Solvent List and the Swiss Food Packaging Ordinance.

Both offerings have some safety and sustainability differentiators like they are made up of non-CMR (carcinogens, mutagens, reproductive toxins) formulation without MEK, acetone or methanol.

The less make-up consumption results in fewer cartridge changes and minimised plastic and cardboard waste, along with lower VOC emissions and fewer printer touches.

The V464 is intended for usage in Videojet 1000 Line CIJ printers, while V4264 is compatible with the most recent Videojet SIMPLICiTY CIJ printers.

With the same uptime and adhesion performance as the MEK-based V4263 and V463 inks, V4264 and V464 are ideal upgrades or replacements, the firm added.

Both inks offer better adhesion to a variety of substrates, including acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS), aluminium, biaxial-oriented polypropylene (BOPP), polystyrene, polycarbonate, and steel.

Additionally, the inks exhibit resistance to bases, acids, mineral spirits, and oils and are suitable for use where alternatives to MEK-based inks are preferred, such as with food applications.

The US-based printing solution provider said that the V4264 and V464 inks have been designated with the Videojet iQMark.

The inks in this category have been carefully created to support customers in achieving their corporate social responsibility (CSR) objectives and adhering to demanding industry and governmental standards around the world.

In addition, they also meet strict Videojet quality control specifications.