VerifyMe, a provider of digital security, authentication and tracking technology solutions, has signed a license agreement with Italian label and packaging firm Arca Etichette.


Image: VerifyMe has signed its first European license deal. Photo: Image by rawpixel from Pixabay.

Under the terms of the agreement, Arca will have right to incorporate VerifyMe’s brand protection technology solutions to brand owners throughout Europe to secure their products and goods from counterfeiters and product diversion.

VerifyMe said that the agreement launches its digital security, authentication and tracking solutions in the European market.

Arca will lease VerifyMe’s patented smart phone authentication devices that can read invisible codes into the cloud and are recorded in the company’s serialization, track & trace software platform, called VeriPAS.

The VeriPAS cloud-based software, in conjunction with the smart phone reading device, allows brand owners to monitor, control and protect their products life cycle.

The software generates serialization codes, which the brand owner purchases from VerifyMe. It will be printed on labels and packaging in both visible codes for consumers to engage and invisible codes, known as RainbowSecure.

Trained brand inspectors review the RainbowSecure with VerifyMe’s smart phone reading device to ensure brand protection.

The brand owners of Arca will lease VerifyMe’s devices in exchange for recurring revenue.

Arca Label Division COO Dr Roberto Sala said: “We are very excited to work with VerifyMe and roll-out their technology solutions across a variety of industries throughout Europe.

“Our global customer base of brand owners have increasingly experienced counterfeiting and product diversion of their products and have expressed a desire for a technology solution to mediate these issues to protect their brand and improve their profitability.

“We believe VerifyMe’s technology provides a high value-add solution that our brand owners will seek to deploy. We look forward to working with VerifyMe’s team in rolling this out to our existing and new customers.”

VerifyMe said that its technologies are approved and supported by HP Indigo digital printing presses.

VerifyMe CEO Patrick White said: “We look forward to rolling out the deployment of our new smart phone authenticators and VeriPAS cloud software solution with Arca.”

Arca serves wide range of industries, including pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, toiletries, food, automotive, domestic appliances and mechanical components with national and multinational companies.