The relationship will enhance enforcement capabilities for brands through the proactive identification and removal of unauthorized websites


VerifyMe to collaborate with Corsearch. (Credit: Gerd Altmann from Pixabay)

VerifyMe, a digital technology solutions provider specializing in brand protection functions such as; counterfeit prevention, authentication, serialization, track and trace features for labels, packaging and products, and Corsearch, a brand clearance and protection leader, are pleased to announce a collaboration that will support brands to reduce the global multi-billion dollar economic impact resulting from counterfeiting and piracy activities.

The relationship will enhance enforcement capabilities for brands through the proactive identification and removal of unauthorized websites, domains, and products bearing the genuine intellectual property of legitimate companies.

VerifyMe and Corsearch will work together to offer technologies and services that better enable their customers to effectively tackle counterfeit websites, domains and e-commerce platforms offering counterfeit products.

Following its acquisitions of Yellow Brand Protection and Pointer Brand Protection, Corsearch has strengthened its end-to-end trademark clearance and brand protection solutions, making it the only provider in the industry offering services covering the entire trademark lifecycle. In addition to its global footprint and teams of expert Brand Protection Analysts, Corsearch uses its proprietary ZERO® technology, as part of its advanced and intuitive brand protection platform, to retrieve and organize vast quantities of data on counterfeits, fake websites, and other forms of brand infringement.

The companies have engaged in a cooperative business relationship, with VerifyMe attaining the right to use and offer Corsearch’s brand protection solutions, powered by its ZERO® technology, and Corsearch having the enhanced ability to offer brand owners the suite of VerifyMe technologies to protect their products. The new partnership will also allow VerifyMe to market a new digital service for brand website and domain owners needing to identify and remove counterfeit websites.

VerifyMe Chief Executive Officer, Patrick White, commented, “We look forward to working with Corsearch, a well-respected and known global firm. We believe their global reach and experience in serving over 5,000 clients is unmatched in the Internet brand identity industry. Internet website and domain, and e-commerce counterfeiting is on the rise and this is a natural extension for our brand protection and product authentication digital solutions.” White added, “Corsearch will now have the ability to protect their brand client’s products with VerifyMe’s suite of product authenticity.”

Corsearch CEO, Tobias Hartmann, added, “As the e-commerce landscape grows ever more complex, brands are facing a wide range of new challenges that require integrated solutions from experts with a variety of specialisms. We believe that collaboration will play a huge role in solving these problems and restoring the rights of brand owners. At Corsearch we believe in a ‘stronger together’ mentality, and this is another example of that.”

Source: Company Press Release