Meat delivery service ButcherBox has partnered with Vericool, a maker of compostable insulation and recyclable thermal packaging, to supply its products in the latter's sustainable packaging solutions to its customers.


Image: ButcherBox will provide direct-to-door packages of premium quality meats in the Vericooler I packaging. Photo: courtesy of Business Wire.

ButcherBox is engaged in meat delivery service for sustainably-raised grass-fed beef, free-range chicken, and heritage-bred pork.

The $10m collaboration enables ButcherBox to supply its direct-to-door packages of premium quality meats in the environmentally-safe Vericooler I to its customers in the western service region.

ButcherBox founder and CEO Mike Salguero said: “We first started shipping with EPS foam packaging, which is bad for the environment because EPS is nearly impossible to recycle. We then changed to another ‘green’ packaging option, but that product did not perform to our standards.

“Vericoolers work and they are sustainable, keeping our products cold from packaging to the moment that our customers open up their ButcherBox. Vericoolers go right into curbside recycling – and that is really important to us and to our customers.”

Prior to the delivery, ButcherBox’s meats are frozen at the peak of freshness and then shipped with dry ice in Vericooler I containers.

Vericoolers said that its green packaging helps ButcherBox in avoiding sending 20 to 50 truckloads of EPS packaging each month to the landfill.

Made from post-consumer materials, the sustainable cold-chain packaging features compostable insulation that complies with the US ASTM D6400 and Home Compost standards.

Intended to keep meats and other food products cold from packaging to receipt, the packaging is designed to reduce edge loss, which increases temperature control.

Vericool CEO Darrell Jobe said: “Vericoolers are the only cost-effective, environmentally-friendly and high-performing thermal packaging solution on the market today.

“Our packaging provides ButcherBox with the affordable, first-class, and sustainable packaging they need to safely deliver their product to their conscientious customers.”