A range of vents for closures designed to prevent container damage from aggressive chemicals such as bleaches has been launched by WL Gore & Associates.

The Gore Liner has been designed for screw caps on containers used in the chemical, pharmaceutical and food industries. The liner is a vent which will allow packaging to breath while preventing leakage or contamination.

It comprises a PE foam gasket with a microporous expanded PTFE membrane laminate.

The gasket is said to assure a safe seal between the bottleneck and cap while the structure of the membrane allows gases to pass through and liquids or microparticles repelled.

Unlike other cap venting systems that typically require both a valve and a gasket, the Gore Liner is supplied as a one-piece to make installation quick and easy. In most cases no cap modification is required.

A further development offering the same benefits is the Gore Induction Liner which features an aluminium compound film in the container neck to provide tamper evidence.