The new Tetra Prisma containers hold as much of My Foodie as the glass bottles, but the total weight is appreciably less


Veg of Lund to launch smoothie in new Tetra Pak’s packaging. (Credit: VEG OF LUND AB.)

Swedish food innovation company Veg of Lund has announced it will introduce its plant-based smoothie products in Tetra Prisma containers from Tetra Pak.

The company stated that its smoothies range is available in three different flavours since 2018. The smoothies are being marketed under the name ‘My Foodie’ in Sweden and the UK.

Designed by Tetra Pak, the new Tetra Prisma containers hold as much My Foodie as the glass bottles, but the total weight is significantly less.

The plant-based food company said that the new packaging meets its quality and sustainability criteria as well as the customer requirements of convenience and accessibility.

Veg of Lund CEO Thomas Olander said: “The 250 ml glass bottles are good containers that are appreciated by customers such as cafes and small stores; the introduction of My Foodie in carton packages allows us to also reach consumers that prefer to buy several containers, while giving us access to new sales channels.

“Our ambition is to supply packaging that contributes to the circular economy and cuts carbon dioxide emissions – packaging that is made from renewable and fully recyclable materials.”

The company has introduced its products in new markets in China and Greece and the new consumer categories and sales channels have also been added.

Now, it is launching its products in carton packages from Tetra Pak to meet the demand for its products.

According to Veg of Lund, the new packaging preserves the nutritional value as well as the taste of contents and reduces the cost of transport.

The company produces and packages its products at the Frampton facility in Shepton Mallet, Somerset, England.

Last month, Tetra Pak and Stora Enso joined forces to explore the possibility of building a new recycling line for used beverage cartons (UBC) at Stora Enso’s Ostrołęka mill in Poland.