In an agreement with Green Dot coordinator Packaging Recovery Organisation Europe, Valpak will take over the licensing task from Repak in Ireland to provide more centralised protection.

Although separate to the UK PRN system, the Green Dot is used in many European countries as a symbol indicating that a financial contribution has been made to recycling. The symbol is printed on the packaging to meet the requirements of the system.

Licensing problems arise where some UK business avoid the extra costs of producing separate packaging for exported goods by selling them in the UK with the Green Dot symbol already printed. Valpak subsidiary Valpak UK will ensure that only UK companies who are licensed and have paid the fee are able to use the trademark in mainland Europe.

The agreement does not mean Valpak will regulate other European countries or that UK companies will be required to use the Green Dot system. Sub-licenses will be granted to other organisations such as compliance schemes.