Finnish automation technology services provider Valmet has secured a contract to supply a board machine rebuild to ITC, a multinational conglomerate company in India.


Image: The 3,600mm-wide board machine will be used to produce advanced folding boxboard. Photo: courtesy of Rawich /

The PM 7 machine, which is currently producing folding boxboard, will be reconstructed at ITC’s Bhadrachalam Mill to add new quality features and significantly increase production capacity.

The rebuilt PM 7 machine is expected to be operational in the second half of 2020.

Valmet has not disclosed the value of the order, but the value of this type of orders are estimated between €10m (£8.9m) and €15m (£13.4m).

ITC PSPD divisional chief executive Sanjay Singh said: “Our goal with this rebuild is to upgrade the machine with latest technology, enhance the machine performance and ensure our competitiveness in the market.”

The scope of the contract includes the supply of a new OptiFlo Foudrinier headbox, OptiCalender Compact hard nip calender with compact design, OptiCoat Roll coating station with OptiDry Coat air dryers and OptiReel Primary reel with primary reeling devices, as well as improvements in the forming, press and drying sections.

The hard nip calendar installed with Valmet IQ Induction profiler will help enhance caliper control and provide a better base for coating to achieve high quality.

Valmet will also offer DNA machine control system and Performance Centre (VPC) services with on-demand expert support to ITC.

The on-demand expert support will be used to solve any process or automation related issue during the agreement period.

The 3,600mm-wide (wire) board machine will be used for the production of advanced folding boxboard.

Solid bleached board (SBS) grades with the basis weight range of 200-450 g/m2 will also be produced after the rebuild. The design speed of the new parts will be around 600m/min.

Valmet India region director Varun Jain said: “ITC’s coated board machine PM1A delivered by Valmet started up successfully in June 2018. Customer’s satisfaction with Valmet’s high performing technology and project execution helped us secure this rebuild order.”

ITC’s paperboards and specialty papers division produces packaging and graphic boards accompanied by a diverse range of specialty papers and boards.