Utah Paperbox, a manufacturer of folding carton, rigid box and litho lam packaging, has installed a new Heidelberg Diana Eye 55 inspection machine in North America.

The Diana Eye 55 inspection machine was installed last year to meet the increasing demand and capture additional business with pharmaceutical and luxury products customers.

Utah Paperbox Company Salt Lake City, Utah operations vice-president Mike Salazar said that the Diana Eye 55 provides 100% quality control of the entire image and all embellishments of every single folding carton.

At speeds of up to 120,000 cartons per hour, the Diana Eye 55 machine is capable of inspecting each folding carton before they are advanced to the folder gluer.

The machine features camera technology and unique light-sources designed to allow inspection of the printed image, hot/cold foil applications, embossing, hologram images, spot coating and drip-off varnish patterns and metalized surfaces.

Salazar said: “When it comes to our other postpress equipment, we are not able to check everything on one piece of equipment.

“The capabilities of the Diana Eye are incredible. We can do it all: print quality, color, gloss and special coating effects, foil application, metallized surfaces, windowing verification – many processes that we had to hand inspect before. That’s really what drove me to purchase this machine for our business.”

The machine also features the inline ejector to remove all defective blanks

Salazar added: “Heidelberg is behind the product, and Heidelberg is servicing the product.

“I believe that will keep the equipment robust for many years. The name ‘Heidelberg’ is what made the decision of purchasing this machine easy.”

Utah Paperbox is engaged in providing packaging solutions in many phases including structural design, printing, converting, warehousing and shipping.

Image: Heidelberg’s Diana Eye 55 inspection device. Photo: courtesy of Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG.