The 23 H-PAK tethered solution easily integrates with existing processes and has a tamper-evident (TE) band that keeps all parts intact for easier recycling


United Caps will be showing the 23 H-PAK at interpack in Düsseldorf. (Credit: UNITED CAPS)

Luxembourg-based caps and closures maker United Caps has launched its new sustainable tethered closure, 23 H-PAK, for carton packaging.

The patent-pending 23 H-PAK is said to have a tamper-evident (TE) band that keeps all components intact for easier recycling. It also easily integrates with existing processes.

The closure is designed to connect seamlessly with established filling lines to ensure seamless integration with existing processes and fast production-line implementation.

The closure has a smart first-time-use feature to produce an optimal access point and increase the user experience.

It has been designed to cut through the pre-laminated hole with minimal effort, offering a clean and smooth opening.

United Caps CEO Benoit Henckes said: “We are pleased to be bringing to market one of the first tethered closures for carton packaging.

“In addition to its ability to keep all parts intact for recycling, its super-strong hinge ensures the box-fresh experience consumers are looking for.

“It not only enhances the user experience but also helps to protect the environment, a critical R&D driver for United Caps.”

The cap and closures maker said that the latest product has three parts: the spout, closure, and cutter, while other market-available solutions normally come in four pieces.

Fewer components make the recycling process easy, United Caps claimed.

Additionally, the 23 H-PAK is a cost-effective solution for cartons. Its lightweight design lowers businesses’ vulnerability to plastic taxes and contributes to lower operating expenses.

The company has manufacturing facilities in Belgium, France, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Luxembourg, Malaysia, Spain and the UK.

Also, United Caps has the mould-making capability to serve a wide range of applications and markets globally.

In September last year, the firm partnered with start-up Mimica to create new Touchcap closures for accessibility and food waste reduction.