United Caps, a manufacturer of caps and closures, is exhibiting its closure solutions at the Propak Asia 2018 being held in Bangkok, Thailand.

UC_pr18003_Greener Closures

Image: United Caps’ closure products. Photo: courtesy of United Caps.

At the event, which is being held from 13-16 June at the Bangkok International Trade Exhibition Centre, United Caps is showcasing new range of GREENER bio-sourced plastic caps and closures made from sugar cane.

The GREENER caps and closures are manufactured using materials from sugar cane which replaces itself in a single year.

United Caps said in a statement: “That, combined with the fact that sugar cane consumes a significant amount of carbon dioxide, gives green polyethylene a negative carbon footprint. Its use reduces greenhouse gases and it is 100% recyclable.”

Developed by in collaboration with Brazilian petrochemical company Braskem, the GREENER caps and closures feature same characteristics, quality and properties as conventional PE, sharing the same production route.

United Caps CEO Benoît Henckes said: “We are excited to be at Propak Asia again this year.

“And we have a great story to tell – from our Golden Moment bespoke development efforts with Nestlé for its new Nescafé Gold coffee closure, to our GREENER closures made from bioplastics, to our new approaches to anti-counterfeiting, an important consideration in the Asian market.”

United Caps is also planning to showcase QR+ technology, a combination of a QR code and secure fingerprint. It can be printed onto a non-removable in-mould label allowing brands, consumers and others in the distribution chain to quickly and easily validate whether a product is genuine using a mobile app.

The company also plans to demonstrate its holographic engraving integrated into a closure to form an intrinsic and irremovable security feature and provide immediate verification requiring no additional scanners or other equipment.