The laundry capsule is specially made to operate at top efficiency during the brief, cold cycles and consumers can reduce their energy usage by up to 60% per use


The new packaging is set to prevent over 6,000 tonnes of plastic per year entering the waste stream. (Credit: Unilever)

Unilever’s laundry brand Dirt Is Good has launched its newly designed capsule to assist decarbonise the laundry process and deliver top cleaning performance.

The new capsules are wrapped in a cardboard container made without plastic to save more than 6,000 tonnes of plastic from entering the trash stream each year.

The newly formulated cleaner has been optimised to provide superior cleaning performance in cold and short cycles and contains biodegradable active components that are 65% sourced from plant sources.

The membrane of the redesigned capsules is completely biodegradable, the fastest-dissolving on the market, and made to leave no trace on clothing.

Consumers may save up to 60% energy per use when using the new capsule in cold, brief cycles, which reduces its carbon footprint by 16% compared to the present capsules.

Unilever said that the new capsule is an effort to decarbonise the laundry business due to the decrease in emissions throughout the product’s life cycle.

It will also help lower the company’s Scope 3 GHG emissions, which include those linked to how consumers actually use our goods, such as the energy needed to run a washing machine.

The laundry capsules will be delivered in cardboard packaging devoid of plastic for the first time ever.

The creative box was developed over several years in collaboration with Graphic Packaging International to seal out moisture better than existing plastic packaging and prevent capsules from clinging to one another.

Made up of 50% recycled material and the remaining 50% originating from FSC-certified forests, the box is 100% recyclable, simpler to open and seal, and childproof, said the company.

Unilever Home Care R&D Global Innovation head Dr Keith Rutherford said: “Through our Clean Future programme, our ambition is to make sustainable cleaning the compelling choice for every consumer by bringing real innovation to established mass-market products.

“The research, development, and manufacturing skill that is required shouldn’t be underestimated.

“The new proprietary formulation and child-proof cardboard packaging is the work of so many people. This is our best and most sustainable laundry capsule yet – it is truly industry-leading.”