The companies will focus on optimising Ulma box motion and flow-wrapping machines to run with compostable films


Ulma Packaging and TIPA have collaborated to improve capability of compostable films. (Credit: Thanks for your Like • donations welcome from Pixabay)

Packaging equipment and services provider Ulma Packaging has collaborated with compostable packaging supplier TIPA to enhance the ability of running compostable films on advanced packaging machinery.

The firms will work together to improve Ulma box motion and flow-wrapping machines to run with compostable films. They also intend to match the performance and machinability of conventional plastic.

Both companies have established partnership by anticipating that there will be an industry shift in the usage of sustainable films in flexible packaging.

They expect that market share of alternatives to conventional plastic such as compostable films are anticipated to increase from $160.8bn to $200.5bn by 2025.

Ulma and TIPA have already worked together to provide packaging for produce suppliers Natoora and R&R Smith.

Ulma Packaging UK sales director Ed Williams said: “We’re delighted to collaborate with TIPA to create more compostable solutions and help give the packaging market a push towards a more sustainable future.

“We are constantly looking to drive innovation in the fields of sustainable packaging and plastic reduction through our #ULMAweCare sustainability initiative, and our work with TIPA is a rewarding part of this.”

TIPA CEO Daphna Nissenbaum said: “Consumer demand for compostable alternatives to polluting plastic films has ignited the industry to prepare for a global shift toward ecological materials. TIPA is scaling up to meet the demand with strategic partnerships along the packaging supply chain.”

In November this year, Ulma Packaging unveiled a new automatic packaging line for bars and baked goods.

With a capacity to produce 200 packs per minute, the new line includes a receiving conveyor to sort and line up the products for subsequent even and continuous distribution to one or more packaging machines.