Plimsoll Publishing’s latest analysis of the UK’s Top 1000 paper companies identifies 96 who last year increased their collective market share by 15 per cent.

David Pattison, senior analyst at Plimsoll says: “There is a real shift happening within the industry and these companies are an early sign of where the market is going. What makes them so fascinating is that they are competing in the same industry and against the same market conditions as the other 904 companies in the analysis, yet their ability to increase sales is spectacular.”

According to the report, these market leaders increased sales on average, by 18 per cent (and they are not small companies, as their sales range from £3M to £5.6 billion). Collectively they increased their market size from £7.6 billion in the previous year to £12.9 billion. The best known large company was the Howard Smith Paper Group.

However, gaining market share is not without risk, as 20 of these companies are showing signs of serious financial pressure, says Plimsoll.

Individually assessing each company by its latest four years of trading, the report provides a picture of how successfully each has performed on two fronts: commercially and financially.

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