The Bobst MASTERFOIL 106 PR hot foil stamper has allowed Beamglow to achieve improvements in quality, production and sustainability


The Bobst foil stamping press produces sharpest details on intricate and delicate stamping. (Credit: BOBST)

UK-based luxury packaging manufacturer Beamglow has achieved gains in quality, production and sustainability following the installation of Bobst MASTERFOIL 106 PR hot foil stamper in the summer.

Beamglow manufactures cartons with a variety of complex designs for the packaging markets including alcoholic beverages, cosmetics and fine fragrances.

Beamglow operations manager James Griffin said: “In the luxury packaging market, customers strive for perfection; zero-fault packs that uphold a brand’s quality image.

“The global premium market is growing and constantly shifting, and we need to be responsive and not only meet but exceed our customers’ expectations.”

MASTERFOIL 106 PR improves foiling quality

MASTERFOIL 106 PR also provides improved foiling quality and productivity while bolstering sustainability in production.

With a production speed of up to 8,000 s/h, even for light materials such as paper, the foil stamping press allows users to achieve the sharpest details on intricate and delicate stamping.

Griffin added: “It takes precision and accuracy to a new level which means we are able to deliver complex, sophisticated cartons with the outstanding quality that our customers require.

“At the same time, we are reducing our environmental footprint, and therefore that of our customers’ supply chain. Another reason why we turned to BOBST to help solve our business challenges.”

In 2018, Beamglow commissioned a Bobst MASTERFOLD 110 A3 automated and versatile folder-gluer to complement its existing Bobst ALPINA machine.

Beamglow selected Bobst MASTERFOLD 110 A3 to add versatility in the types and styles of packaging in addition to providing safety.