A carton machine concept from Swedish A&R Cartons that enables free flowing food product to be packed in one pass is available for the first time in the UK.

The Expresso 1000 packaging concept was launched in Europe six months ago and has already proved a hit with a French packer who claims to have increased sales by 50%. It will be manufactured in the UK at A&R’s Chesterfield site.

A complete machine and carton solution, Expresso 1000 is designed to offer free flowing product packing applications a cost-effective and time-saving solution to traditional bag-in-box systems that require three operations.

The Expresso erects a range of specially developed pre-glued cartons, applies one membrane and fills and seals a second membrane into the pack in a single operation. It can reach speeds of 70 packs/min.

The use of membranes makes the Expresso carton tamper evident, while eliminating the bag means a variety of opening features, such as pour spout or flip top can be incorporated.

“We expect more food producers looking to replace packaging machinery over the next few years to buy a single Expresso 1000 which can do the whole job and give them a competitive edge,” said A & R’s sales development manager Jonathan Pinsent.

An order has been signed with a well-known powdered food product manufacturer.