Iggesund Paperboard is investing EUR33M in its UK and Swedish paperboard mills at Workington in the UK and Hudinksvall in northern Sweden.

The Workington folding boxboard mill, which underwent a major rebuild of pulp production facilities and its BM2 board machine in the 90s will see the BM2 line equipped with new headboxes costing almost EUR17M.

Iggesund says their design and the accompanying operating system will give mill staff greater control over the properties of the paperboard sheets produced, making the BM2 machine the world’s first to be able to optimise a range of properties simultaneously throughout the entire production sequence. The enhancements will also raise annual production capacity from its current 225 000 tonnes.

The Iggesunds Bruk mill’s KM1 board machine at Hudiksvall will be fitted with a new EUR16M third coating station, enhancing the plant’s flexibility and strengthening its position as a leading European manufacturer of triple-coated paperboard.