The company plans to increase aseptic production capacity from 3.5bn to 7bn packs per annum


Uflex’s plant in Sanand, Gujarat. (Credit: UFlex Limited)

India’s multinational flexible packaging firm UFlex is planning to double aseptic liquid packaging production capacity at its plant in Sanand, Gujarat.

The company plans to increase aseptic production capacity from 3.5bn to 7bn packs per annum, within the next 10 months approximately.

The expansion plan forms part of the company’s efforts to meet the increasing demand for the company’s aseptic packaging laminates and the new contracts.

UFlex is also seeking to diversify its regional presence in Noida, Uttar Pradesh.

UFlex aseptic liquid packaging business president and CEO Ashwani Kumar Sharma stated: “Despite the pandemic, we have continued to deliver services without a pause and carried on with innovative thoughts to deliver expected results from our customers.

“The expansion steps in our operations reflect ASEPTO’s strong position in the marketplace and positive outlook for the future.”

The first phase of the expansion plan will focus on adding new machines to the existing line, including the Heidelberg’s new generation Gallus printing line.

Said to be an ideal choice for UFlex’ aseptic liquid packaging business growth strategy, the machine is capable of printing at a speed of 500 metres per minute (MPM).

UFlex chairman and managing director Ashok Chaturvedi said: “Asepto has now grown and entering into its next phase of life cycle with the first expansion plan announcement.

“This expansion of production capacities is our natural progression, addressing our rapid growth in the aseptic liquid packaging space, and stepping strong footsteps into the global arena.

“Asepto is taking one step at a time, and that’s the best way I foresee to imbibe growth approach in the given global economic scenario.”