DuPont Cyrel and DuPont Tyvek Medical Packaging have formed a strategic team of specialists to focus on developing best practice guidelines for printing Tyvek tags and labels with Cyrel photopolymeric flexo plates.

The team are to issue their recommendations, in the form of a handbook, by the end of this September.

Key learning and results of all print trials performed at Gallus, in Switzerland, and at the DFTA, in Germany, will be summarized in the handbook, which will be available to DuPont customers. All print trials have been performed on four different variants of Tyvek protective material using UV, water and solvent based inks printed with both conventional Cyrel digital plates and the new Cyrel Fast DFH. Tyvek brand protective material recommended for food contact or medical applications, as well as special grades dedicated to graphics applications has been used.


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