ExxonMobil has improved the convertability of its Twist-Lyte and Hicor HDPE twist-wrap films in a bid to reduce lead times.

“We have put an enormous effort into a number of improvements to the films’ convertability and consistency which will lead to increases in efficiency and production speeds,” says Peter Haltenberger, product manager Hicor and Twist-Lyte. “We have also reduced lead times to three weeks for transparent films and five weeks for metallised versions.”

Claimed to be the lightest twist-wrap on the market at 23microns, Twist-Lyte now has the strength to run at speeds up to 1400 packs/min. Hicor’s stiffness makes it suitable for older packaging machines which are not designed to work with synthetic materials. It is capable of speeds up to 1100 packs/min.