Arguably having kick-started the whole convenience food storage trend, it’s good to see Tupperware getting over the demise of its party-plan operation and back up to 21st century speed again in the kitchen.

BASF has partnered “the housewives’ choice” in developing a new range of microwave and freezer-friendly containers. It has extended its Ultrason family of high performance plastics to handle temperatures from a low of minus 50º C up to 220º C, and through the addition of special UV stabilizers, to achieve a clarity claimed to emulate that of glass.

The new Tupperware range is already available in Germany with a 30-year life-cycle usage guarantee. Said Matthias Dietrich, BASF’s Ultrason business manager: “Innovative plastic tableware that can be transferred directly from the deep freezer to the microwave and then placed on the table, as attractively designed serving dishes is the last word in functionality.” It is also able to withstand dishwashers.