The decorative potential of paper and the protective qualities of plastics have been combined in one container destined to help ready meals stand out from the crowd.

Desto Combi tubs from Huhtamaki UK comprise a board exterior wrapper and base glued together and attached to a clear or coloured PP or PS thermoformed plastics liner. The tubs feature a plastics rim and can be fitted with plastics, film or foil lids for appropriate sealing properties.

The reinforced tubs should keep their shape when stored over long periods and are made from a material that doesn’t change the taste of the product. The pack materials can be microwaved allowing manufacturers to take advantage of the blossoming convenience food market.

As the cardboard outer is lacquered before the blanks are diecut – unlike conventional tubs – it is possible to print underneath the sealing rim and on the inside of the body to make the most of promotional space. Huhtamaki can print the tubs in gravure or litho. The base can also be printed in two colours, ideal for bar codes. Windows can also be incorporated into the body of the pack.

Desto Combi tubs are available in 125, 175, 250, 375 and 500ml in a range of shapes to suit consumer products including ready meals, dairy products, biscuits and sweets.

Robert Witherington sales and marketing manager for the Consumer Goods Division comments: “Paper is a great substrate to print on but it does not offer the preservative characteristics of plastics. By combining the two materials, food manufacturers benefit from the best of both worlds and they do not have to compromise one factor over another.”