Casareti provides net packaging solutions for the customers in the meat industry


TruNet has acquired net packaging specialist Casareti’s manufacturing division (Credit: Gerd Altmann from Pixabay)

The TruNet Group has acquired the manufacturing division of net packaging specialist Casareti International for an undisclosed sum.

Casareti has expertise in the production of net packaging for the meat industry. The company offers a wide range of products for customers in the meat industry.

The acquisition is in line with the TruNet’s long-term growth strategy, as well as allows the company to expand the production of meat netting, loops and twines.

TruNet UK will also provide new netting solutions to enhance the finished product and improve the manufacturing process of customers, in addition to supplying them with the current netting solutions.

The firm’s product portfolio is also comprised of specialised range of yield enhancement Total Control Net and new Shrink Nets.

Casareti offers rolled meat nets, salami diamond nets, salami honeycomb nets, and ham nets

Casareti’s product range is comprised of rolled meat nets, salami diamond nets, salami honeycomb nets and ham nets.

Casareti operates advanced machinery for the production of circle-knitted textile packaging solutions. It also provides a complete range of basic products for customers in other parts of Western Europe.

TruNet UK technical sales head Craig Dean said: “This is a great acquisition for us, it opens up many opportunities to expand our exciting new shrink netting range.”

The TruNet Group includes business units such as TruNet Packaging Services, TruNet Poland, TruNet (Vietnam) and Henry Winning, in addition to TruNet UK.

Established in 2006, TruNet Packaging Services offers ingredients, plastic and fibrous casings, vacuum pouches, shrink bags and natural casings to its customers.

In 2018, TruNet (UK) invested in Industrial Labelling Systems’ (ILS) advanced labeling equipment, in a bid to enhance its production operations.