The companies will focus on validating various polystyrene recycling technologies to develop polystyrene composed of recycled content

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Trinseo and Coexpan have collaborated to validate polystyrene recycling technologies for dairy FFS packaging market. (Credit: skeeze from Pixabay)

Trinseo has collaborated with Grupo Lantero division Coexpan for the validation of polystyrene recycling technologies to use in the form fill seal (FFS) market of the global dairy industry.

The companies will work together to validate various polystyrene recycling technologies for the development of polystyrene composed of recycled content suitable for use in the dairy industry’s FFS market.

Coexpan to use materials and inputs from Trinseo to test recycled polystyrene across various technologies

Coexpan will use materials and inputs from Trinseo to evaluate recycled polystyrene across various technologies at the Innotech innovation technology centre for rigid and flexible packaging.

Innotech centre, located in Madrid of Spain, was established by Coexpan and Emsur.

The dairy FFS packaging market, which mostly focuses on the use of polystyrene due to its technical advancement over alternative polymers, is now focusing on alternative materials as a result of misperceptions regarding the circularity and recyclability of polystyrene.

In a joint statement, Trinseo and Coexpan said: “r-PS is a game-changer for the FFS market. Polystyrene offers a unique potential for not only closed-loop recycling but also a lower carbon footprint and extended lifecycle due to its simplicity and ease to fully recycle giving polystyrene a major competitive advantage vs all alternatives. Industrial volumes will come online by the third quarter of 2022.”

The mechanical, dissolution and chemical technologies are covered under Trinseo’s sustainability commitment to close the loop on polystyrene (PS) recycling.

Trinseo announced the construction of an advanced polystyrene chemical recycling facility in Europe.

It also plans to provide an average of 30% recycled content to customers for polystyrene packaging in Europe by 2025.

The company is also serving as a founding member of Styrenics Circular Solutions (SCS), a consortium that works to develop new methods for polystyrene recycling.

In addition, the company is collaborating with the waste supply chain for the identification of new ways to increase the volume and quantity of plastics disposed and recovered via waste separation.

Coexpan produces rigid plastic sheets and thermoformed products for customers in the packaging industry. Trinseo, a global materials solutions provider and manufacturer, offers plastics, latex binders, and synthetic rubber.