The Bulk Bag Pallet will allow to safely ship goods and minimise damage to bulk materials in transit


TriEnda has launched new flexible intermediate bulk container. (Credit: PRNewsfoto/TriEnda)

North American industrial thermoforming company TriEnda has introduced a new flexible intermediate bulk container (FIBC) solution.

The new FIBC solution, dubbed Bulk Bag Pallet, has been developed to safely ship goods and avoid damage to bulk materials in transit with a less cost compared to wood pallets.

Since the 1950s, the bulk bags have been used for a range of industrial, agricultural, pharmaceutical, and other products.

TriEnda has designed a new Bulk Bag Pallet to serve as a better protective solution for the producers and manufacturers to handle international and domestic bulk bag shipments.

TriEnda stated that it is the first in the material handling industry to collaborate with engineers and manufacturers for the development of an advanced material handling solution for bulk bags.

The Bulk Bag Pallet includes an internal tunnel to avoid the piercing by fork tines

Its Bulk Bag Pallet is provided with an internal tunnel to avoid the piercing by fork tines and to touch only the plastic pallet.

The Bulk Bag Pallet is exempted from ISPM 15, helping producers to apply a specialised treatment before exporting goods like they would with wooden pallets.

The international shippers using the Bulk Bag Pallet are in full compliance with global transportation and export standards, as it is an exempt non-wooden item, said the company.

TriEnda sales vice president Nate Franck said: “We also knew through research that the market called for a reusable, recyclable, and contamination-free material handling solution to replace wood and cardboard.

“Our plastic Bulk Bag Pallet specifically meets the demands of producers who require their cargo to arrive undamaged at its destination, whether transporting domestically or internationally.”

TriEnda, which offers protective systems and custom products, has expertise in the development of heavy-gauge, reusable plastic pallets and shipping containers for material handling and packaging industries.

It serves different self-palletised markets, including automotive, government, grocery, and food and beverage.

In April, CSafe Global is offering passive Parcel solution to Kimera Labs, a US-based biotechnology company, to help meet the latter’s increasing demand for its products.