A new Barcode Validation application module for Claricom’s CLARiNET Package Coding Management System is expected to provide increased efficiency and accuracy for sleeved packs, particularly in the food industry.

The technology is said to overcome a common problem facing manufacturers of ready-meals or other convenience foods who need to over-print on-line price, batch or use-by information onto half or scalloped sleeves.

The irregular shape or position of the sleeves can make it difficult to reliably ensure the correct positioning of this information. Many manufacturers have, therefore, been forced to implement off-line printing of sleeves prior to assembly or the double-handling of product. This may significantly increase the cost of manufacture and introduces the risk of error in matching the correct sleeves and product, says the company.

CLARiNET Barcode Validation eliminates the need to print sleeves off-line and provides integrated control of on-line coding equipment to avoid coding errors.

It is used for simple job set-up for both on-line inkjet and laser coding equipment and on-line barcode validation scanners. Not only for sleeves, the scanners can also inspect cartons, labels and other barcoded packaging.

The scanners are used to automatically determine the position of the barcode and use this to trigger the on-line coding equipment. This is said to ensure the accurate position of the correct over-printed information, irrespective of the position of the sleeve.