The free package labelling initiative is part of the firm’s NexTrex retail recycling programme


Trex is one of the largest recyclers of polyethylene plastic film in North America (Credit: Maurice Angres from Pixabay)

Trex, a manufacturer of wood-alternative decking and railing, has launched NexTrex packaging label to boost its sustainable efforts.

The free package labelling initiative has been launched as part of the company’s NexTrex retail recycling programme. Trex is also one of the largest recyclers of polyethylene plastic film in North America.

NexTrex label will be provided at no cost to brands, which tested and verified their packaging as acceptable for recycling into Trex decking that is made from over 95% recycled material.

Trex will also take the support of brand owners to boost promotion and participation at the retail level by placing NexTrex bins and signage in stores to create awareness and take part in the plastic drop-off programme.

Product packaging has to be tested to meet the criteria for use in the Trex manufacturing process and qualify for the certified NexTrex label.

Packaged product sample has to be provided by packaging designers, producers and brand owners, which will be assessed by Trex.

Later, Trex will deliver a comprehensive report by evaluating three areas, including package/film recyclability, affect/risk of product contamination and affect/risk of non-recyclable look-a-like package contamination.

A certification of acceptance will be issued to the brand owner once the packaging is validated by Trex. It will allow the brand to use the NexTrex Recycled Packaging Label.

Under the NexTrex programme, manufacturers, retailers and consumers can drop various products in recycling bins, including grocery and retail bags, plastic mailer bags, bread bags, case overwraps and dry cleaning bags.

The products also consist of newspaper sleeves, ice bags, ziploc and other resealable bags, produce bags, bubble wrap, salt bags, cereal box liners and wood pellet bags.

Trex supply chain excellence senior director Dave Heglas said: “This new labelling option brings our NexTrex recycling initiative full-circle by allowing brands that sell products in recyclable packaging to inform consumers about how to easily and responsibly dispose of packaging material, while also promoting their commitment to sustainability and involvement in the largest store drop-off program in the country.

“With the NexTrex label, consumers know exactly where their recycled plastic is headed and that it will one day be transformed into beautiful Trex decking.”