The SuperSealer Shrink Band System has been designed to reduce reliance on high-volume, high-inventory pre-forms for tamper-evident seals


The Traco Packaging’s SuperSealer Shrink Band System. (Credit: Traco Packaging)

Traco Packaging, a division of packaging equipment and materials maker Traco Manufacturing, has introduced a new automatic solution for the creation and application of tamper-evident bands for high-volume pre-form users.

The new SuperSealer Shrink Band System has been designed to reduce dependence on high-volume, high-inventory pre-forms for tamper-evident seals.

Traco said that the new machine also reduces the inventory, labour, and costs needed to apply pre-formed tamper-evident shrink bands.

Commenting on the new machine, Traco Manufacturing president John Palica said: “This new machine will save a lot of money because it eliminates the need of having to store inventory of millions of pre-forms in different sizes. You can reduce an entire truckload of pre-forms to just one pallet.

“The machine also saves time and money in labour because you won’t need someone standing there hand-applying pre-forms. The new shrink band system can automate up to 35 PPM, and if you need to change to a new size, you can do it in less than a minute.”

Features of Shrink Banding System

The Shrink Banding System is capable of automating forming and shrinking the film onto the container while automatically matching the shape and size, thus eliminating the use of manual labour.

In addition to reducing labour costs and material/film costs, the new machine will reduce lead times and remove supply interruptions. It also eliminates all pre-form ageing and obsolescence.

Traco Packaging is engaged in manufacturing and importing packaging equipment and shrink film products.