Comexi CI8 Offset press offers the benefits of offset variable size printing with central drum technology


Totalflex has purchased Comexi Offset CI8 press. (Credit: Comexi)

Brazilian flexible packaging company Totalflex Indústria de Embalagens has purchased Comexi Offset CI8 press to boost its production capabilities.

Comexi Offset CI8 system will help Totalflex to enhance productivity, as well as offers shorter runs and combines various SKUs within the same job.

Comexi CI8 Offset press is said to offer the advantages of offset variable size printing with central drum technology. With less impact on the environment, the press is more suitable for short and medium size runs.

The press offers various benefits, including reduced time to market, better customisation, sustainable process and quality printing.

Comexi stated that Offset CI8 is the first central drum offset press which the company installed in Brazil.

Totalflex executive director Clodoaldo Martins Neto said: “We are able to offer innovation and productivity to our customers, as well as sustainable printing, as a result of EB (Electron Beam) inks and lacquers.”

“It allows us to market our services to clients with an extensive mix of SKUs and offer SKU combinations within the same job. As a result, we are able to competitively perform short or medium runs at the highest quality level.”

In 2003, Totalflex first started a commercial relationship with Comexi by purchasing first equipment.

Totalflex has expertise in offering flexible laminated packaging with two or more layers. It also produces packaging that enables to preserve and maintain the characteristics and quality of various products.

In August this year, Comexi announced plans to open a new technology centre (CTec) at its US headquarters in Miami, Florida.

The company plans to complete work on the new facility, which features a large and centralised parts inventory, by November this year. It already built new customer sales and service offices.