Part of the RE:clic circular polymers portfolio, TotalEnergies rPE6314 enables circularity while preserving the same performances by combining PCR with high-performing booster resin


The new packaging is intended for heavy-use packaging markets. (Credit: TotalEnergies)

TotalEnergies has collaborated with American chemical firm Ecolab to unveil new plastic packaging material called TotalEnergies RE:use rPE6314.

The move is part of the plan to introduce post-consumer recycled (PCR) plastic for primary packaging of highly concentrated cleaning products.

The French petroleum company said that the new packaging will support circularity in heavy-use packaging markets.

TotalEnergies RE:use rPE6314 grade is part of the RE:clic circular polymers portfolio. It enables circularity while preserving the same performances by combining PCR with high-performing booster resin.

The new material will be suitable for sustainable bottles and medium-sized containers to store solids and liquids.

TotalEnergies Polymers Europe & Orient vice president Olivier Greiner said: “Delivering sustainable solutions without compromising on performance is instrumental in enlarging the market for recycled plastics.

“This collaboration with Ecolab is an excellent example of value chain partnership aimed at enabling circularity for highly technical applications and it fully contributes to our ambition of producing 30 % circular polymers by 2030.”

The petroleum company claimed that rPE6314 is the highest-performing, ready-to-use rHDPE grade for blow moulding applications due to its chemical resistance, consistency, low odour, and natural colour.

The introduction of the material is part of a bigger initiative by both businesses to promote waste prevention solutions and safeguard people, the environment, and businesses.

Ecolab Sustainability Europe VP Anja de Reus said: “The collaboration with TotalEnergies proves once again how important it is to create innovative partnerships to provide the best solutions.

“At Ecolab, we are committed to continuously improving our packaging by offering our customers products that are designed to optimise the amount of plastic and minimise environmental impact. This is part of our commitment to provide every customer with an overall positive impact and deliver value.”

The circular economy for plastics projects from TotalEnergies and Ecolab aligns with the European Union’s Sustainable Products Initiative to promote circularity and incorporate sustainability in a product’s whole lifecycle.