This second instalment of Packaging Today's Total coverage highlights further innovations, product launches and developments on show at the Birmingham NEC - 29 March-1 April

Ishida goes for the high five

The demonstration of five completely new products at Total is the promise of Ishida Europe. Among the highlights are said to be an integrated packing cell developed for weighing and packing fresh foods.

Highlighting Ishida’s labelling and quality control capabilities, the cell includes barcode reading, label positioning and checkweighing for trays, crates and cases. Weighing, handling, filling and tray handling elements make up a completely integrated line.

A new multihead weigher for potatoes is said to incorporate a number of features to ensure that product is weighed and packed accurately at maximum speeds with minimum bruising noise. It is capabable of handling up to 7.5kg of potatoes in a single discharge with a giveaway as low as 5g/pack.

Making its European debut at Total, too, is the DACS-Zenith checkweigher. Developed for high speed food applications with low target weights, the machine is said to deliver outstanding weighing accuracy for products such as flow-wrapped biscuits and non-food products such as mail inserts.

Also shown for the first time will be the new Atlas boxmotion bag-maker for block bottom, gusseted or pillow bags and the Apex strip-pack bagmaker for ready-to-display hanging packs for snacks.

Ishida Europe Stand: 5410 T: +44 (0)121 607 7700

Downsizing detection

Lock Inspection Systems will demonstrate its latest down-sized developments, including the Compact Vertical Fall and the Compact Waferthin metal detectors.

The company’s newest addition to its MET 30+ range of metal detectors, the Compact Vertical Fall, is said to guarantee optimum protection for incoming bulk raw materials in both granular and fine powder form, even in restricted spaces.

Some 25% smaller than the previous standard systems, the unit is capable of detecting in all types of materials, and has a sealed reject mechanism.

Aimed at the snack food and confectionery sectors, the Compact Waferthin measures just 5in top to bottom and can be “slotted neatly” into high-speed integrated lines incorporating multi-head weighers feeding vertical form-fill-seal bag makers.

Visitors will also be able to see LockÕs MET 30+ 3f, said to be the first fully automatic triple frequency detector on the market and capable of inspecting both poly-film and metallised packaging.

Lock Inspection Systems Stand: 4446 T: +44 (0)161 624 0333

Elopak sparkle with smart bottle

New for the show will be Unifill’s smart bottle which is thermoformed to produce a seamless pack with capacities ranging from 50 to 500ml and which, like the portion pack system, offers virtually unlimited scope for individual shapes.

Elopak Plastics Systems will offer an overview of its entire portfolio, from its range of PET and HDPE bottles and containers to the Elofill filling machines specifically designed for non-carbonated drinks and Unifill form-fill-seal machines for thermoformed portion packs.

Elopak Plastic Systems Stand: 3620 T: + 41 1 809 63 63

Coding developments

Markem promises new developments in its SmartDate family of thermal transfer coders, which offer “unprecedented levels of flexibility and reliability” and extend “the boundaries of print speed and economy”.

Markem says that key to the SmartDate development programme is the ongoing ‘Reliability Engineering’ initiative which uses real-time performance monitoring to drive product design, “minimising unscheduled line stoppages and making sure coders are available whenever they are needed”.

Also on show will be the latest coding integrity techniques, allowing manufacturers to validate and extend the traceability of products.

The latest Markem SmartLase laser coders will be featured too and touch dry jet technology will be represented by the 5xxx and 9xxx series of large and small character on-line coders.

Markem Systems Stand: 4321 T: +44 (0)161 333 8400

Digital top loader

Schubert is set to unveil its next generation top loading packaging machine which is due to go into operation at one of the UK’s leading confectionery manufacturers immediately after the show.

The company says the new machine is “leading the way in digital packaging machinery, offering outstanding operating performance with optimum clarity and accessibility to wide-ranging machine functionality”.

It is also designed to withstand “tough, round-the-clock operation and ensure a rapid return on investment”.

Schubert Stand: 5371 T: +49 (0) 711 16446

Latest bottles and jars

Measom Freer will be showing a number of additions to its comprehensive range including the new Martlet bottles which are available in 25, 50, 100, 150 and 250ml sizes with 200ml to follow.

The company says the bottles are designed to provide good shelf impact and good label/printing height together with individual looks.

The necks are proportionally large for easy bottle filling and conform to European R4 standard, “allowing flexibility in choice from Measom Freer’s range of caps and dispensing ancillaries”. The range is available from stock in natural MDPE with colours, HDPE, LDPE and PP variants to order.

There is also a new jar range, to complement the existing one, with 25ml and 50ml straight sided jars now in stock and a 100ml version available soon. The jars are available in clear polystyrene with colours and SAN available to order.

Finally, the recently introduced Wyvern and Griffin bottle ranges are said to give that “custom made look” at economical prices and are proving “very popular for customers who require unique stock designs to ‘upgrade’ their packaging without having to pay tooling costs”.

Measom Freer Stand: 2402 T: +44 (0)116 288 1588

Videojet’s versatility

Total represents Videojet Technologies’ first public appearance since its merger with Willett International, following which “Videojet is now able to provide a coding and marking system to suit virtually any application and budget”.

The company says for those seeking “quality coding that is both affordable and requires minimal operator attention and maintenance”, it has introduced the 43S small character inkjet printer.

This system is said to deliver reliable, consistent operation for a range of printing applications. The combination of clean start and clean stop features automates regular printhead cleaning, increasing uptime.

The second newcomer to the inkjet range is the Willett 620 modular, medium to large character printer. This uses ‘micro-valve’ technology to deliver “simple solutions”, typically for outer-case coding.

Precision drop placement claims to ensure “superior print quality of up to 40dpi” and, because the heads apply a large number of small dots, as opposed to a smaller number of large dots, fluid consumption is “significantly reduced”.

The Videojet range of Focus S-Series CO2 lasers has been enhanced with the introduction of the Focus S60 high speed steered beam laser coding system, which allows high-speed applications to benefit from the superior print quality offered.

The Focus S-Series range also now has a new graphical user interface and the ability to conform to 21 CFR Part 11.

Also new is the Videojet DataFlex thermal transfer overprinter which promises “high quality printing, superior performance and low cost of operation”.

Videojet Technologies Stand: 4311 E:

Material abilities on show

Field Group will demonstrate its skills in cartonboard engineering along with its ability to effectively combine this material with other substrates such as in the Christmas gift carton it produced for Glenfiddich.

The company’s adeptness in incorporating movement within a pack will be demonstrated too, a good example being the Elizabeth Shaw carton that features several slide out draws.

Field’s expertise also extends to plastic using new technology to measure and control the cartons crease specification. It will be presenting its “world first” machine erectable polypropylene carton system which allows high quality plastic cartons to be produced in high volumes.

In composite tubes Field says it has developed a number of “revolutionary styles” over the past 18 months, including the Sphelix which combines paper, cartonboard and plastic to provide the benefits of a traditional composite tube with “excellent product visibility”. Meanwhile the “smooth tube” is said to offer a cost-effective alternative to tin plate, while achieving the same high quality appearance.

Making its debut will be a flat-based composite tube made entirely of paper-based material. Field believes it is the first UK company to offer such a tube, which has a flat base – as opposed to the more usual deep recessed, broader base – and provides a high quality, neater finish.

Field Group Stand: 3441 T: +44 (0)1355 574000

Denny portfolio expands

A full range of compact print media from Denny Bros, including Fix-a-Form, PackXtra and Informaxx, will be demonstrated at the show.

Kleer-Format, the “highly durable”, laminated version of the Fix-a-Form is said to be one of the top selling premium products from the range, while the latest 4-Way Fix-a-Form that opens in two directions to give an image four times the area of the front page is becoming increasingly popular.

Denny has the manufacturing accreditations to produce leaflet labelling materials for secure promotions and specialist pharmaceutical grade work and says, while this may not be essential for all customers, it is an added bonus for companies which aim to maintain strictly controlled manufacturing processes.

Denny Bros Stand: 3015 T: +44 (0)1284 701381

Form-fill-seal standards raised

The centrepiece of Sandiacre Packaging Machinery’s stand will be its new TG250-RC continuous motion vertical form-fill-seal machine which “delivers new potential and savings”.

The company says that, from an engineering perspective, machine footprint, ease of maintenance and performance are the key areas. A “radically reduced” footprint makes the TG250-RC suited to environments where space is at a premium and, due to a reduction in the number of parts, maintenance is said to be both simplified and cost-effective.

Sandiacre says new approaches to routine change parts make the machine easier to use, save time and result in increased output. It also has improved accessibility, making it safer and, again, more time efficient.

It has been designed for flexibility with an extensive range of optional equipment, making it suitable for a “countless applications” across many market sectors.

Reciprocating jaw motion delivers constant film speed, leading to better back and cross seals, consistent bag length and reduced strain on the film.

Sandiacre Packaging Machinery Stand: 5620 T: +44 (0) 115 967 8787

Biggest J&J range ever

Large families of cosmetics and personal care products need a wide range of jar options and Johnson & Jorgensen has responded with its most comprehensive line-up to date – it will exhibit eight sizes of jars from 5-250ml, each with a shive option.

The company says simplicity of outline is its theme, with jars and screw caps available in a spectrum of primary and pastel shades. All jars are double walled and seven sizes feature SAN outer and PP inner skins, while the 30ml size is PP double walled.

Screw caps include metallic gold and silver edging and jars and caps can be decorated by printing or hot foil stamping.

The new range will feature on stand 3000 – which concentrates on toiletries and pharmaceutical caps and closures – while on stand 2649 glass and ceramic containers for food, drink and giftware will be highlighted, and a special offer on the ASA-600 semi-automatic bottling machine is promised.

Personnel will be available to discuss J&J’s stock products, custom design, decoration and supply chain management services.

Johnson & Jorgensen Stands: 3000 and 2649 T: +44 (0)161 864 2550

IWK’s intelligent blister packer

German manufacturer IWK is launching onto the UK market a blister packer with an intelligent control system, which it says for the first time allows sealing parameters to be kept constant, irrespective of changes to the cycle time.

As a result, the Blisterpac BP20 Series is said to require considerably less time for initial validation and can be run at different production outputs without the need for re-validation.

The control system adjusts speed and dwell relationships between the various drives. The sealing parameters – and hence seal integrity – can therefore remain constant, maintaining validation.

IWKA PacSystems Stand: 5575 T: +44 (0)1420 22742

Partners to exhibit Etipack

Partners in Packaging has taken on the distributorship for Etipack Spa, Italian manufacturers of labelling and coding systems for pressure sensitive labels.

Etipack boasts a large range of labellers, offering high-speed tailored systems with validation packages to the pharma and cosmetics industries through to simple label applicators for on line labelling.

At Total Etipack’s system 5 label applicator will be demonstrated applying a self-adhesive label to two sides of an elliptical bottle together with a print and apply labeller which will be applying a two side wrap around label to a range of cartons. A range of Etipack equipment will also be on show.

“We are looking forward to working closely with Etipack and we feel that the sheer breadth of equipment offered, and the customised options available, will mean that our customers will benefit from their expertise,” says Duncan Macintyre, joint managing director of Partners in Packaging.

Etipack joins the Partners in Packaging stable which also includes denesters, pick and place feeders and Stealth cartoners from MGS Machine Corporation, rollwrappers from Simonetti, topload and specialist carton equipment – including robotics – from Vepatec and card feeding, collating and feeding systems from Streamfeeder. Examples of this equipment will also be demonstrated.

Partners in Packaging Stand: 5355 T: +44 (0)1706 369000

Advances in two-line CIJ printing

A new two-line continuous inkjet printer will be the star attraction on the Linx stand. The IP55 rated 4900 is claimed to be the most advanced of its type to date and comes in a tough curvaceous stainless steel enclosure designed to ensure liquid runs off easily.

It also ensures there are no dirt traps making it particularly suitable for food, pharmaceutical and washdown environments.

The menu-driven screens are said to provide fast access to all printer functions and features include a full-size keyboard and WYSIWYG message display. Up to 50 messages can be stored, logos and graphics can be printed and there is a wide range of ready-to-use date, time, sequential numbers and shift coding formats to choose from.

The company says the ink and solvent refilling system is unique to Linx and takes seconds. The 4900 does not need factory air, has a “quick and easy” shut down and self-cleans during auto power down.

Linx will also be showing its full range of CIJ, laser and impulse jet printers.

Linx Printing Technologies Stand: 4241 T: +44 (0)1480 302100

RFID capable print & apply

Logopak International says it will launch the first automatic print and apply labeller capable of writing simultaneously to an RFID transponder within the label. As a result, traded units and pallets can now be given unique identification capable of being read by human eye, laser or via radio frequency.

“The new 901TR print and apply labeller gives users the opportunity to have two technologies in one operation,” says UK general manager Wilson Clark. With RFID’s flexibility, batch reading capabilities, re-write functionality and durability, this labeller will provide added value to users who are facing tough automatic identification and data collection challenges”.

Logopak will also demonstrate its networking software, Logosoft, with four print and apply labellers linked to an LAN, allowing all machines to be set up and controlled from a central point within a plant or remotely via the internet.

The network will be connected to Logopak’s own website and back to the exhibition stand via a PC equipped with a service diagnostic package to demonstrate the capability for remote troubleshooting.

Logopak International Stand: 4441 T: +44 (0)1904 692333

‘Plasma’ pouch a hit for B+K

Among the new ideas on Bischof + Klein’s stand will be Wella’s Head Games hair styling series – hairspray, mousse, lotion, gel – part of which is available in B+K pouches.

These were developed in an “extremely short time frame” together with Wella’s packaging and marketing departments.

The flat pouches have sealed seams and were designed to look like blood plasma bags. Their “special characteristics” and required stiffness are said to be achieved by means of a specific film recipe.

Bischof + Klein Stand: 3230 T: +49 (0)54 81/9 20-1 99

New weighing and detecting solutions

Several new products are to be introduced by Mettler Toledo, including a stainless steel checkweigher/metal detector designed for the food industry. Among its features are fully interlocked covers and either bins or roller track for rejects.

There will also be new weigh modules for automated production – Modulo – and a new compact SQC system which helps achieve “consistent quality control and reduced costs”. The FreeWeigh.Net system is said to be a flexible package and can fulfil requirements such as 21 CFR Part 11 and average weight legislation.

Mettler Toledo Stand: 4385 T: + 44(0) 116 235 7070

Ultra fast stick packing debut

Manufacturer of stickpacking machines Stickpack will give the first public showing of its ultra high-speed stick packing system which, with a 1200 stickpacks/min maximum operating speed, is claimed to be the world’s fastest of its type.

Stickpack was formed five years ago by ex-managing director of Sussex & Berkshire Derek Moore.

“At Total we will be unveiling one of our latest ultra-fast servo-driven stick packing machines, available in up to 12-lane configuration, which we believe is unique as the world’s only servo-driven, continuous motion stickpacker able to produce packs for liquids and powders, even simultaneously”.

Stickpack Stand: 5670 T: +44 (0)1420 22733

Sessions say Bravo to self-adhesive labels

Sessions of York is to introduce its latest Bravo self-adhesive labelling system. Based on the Sequence range, this latest model features a tactile data screen displaying information such as work status and production control data.

Operating at speeds up to 35 000 labels/hr, the unit is designed to interface electronically with up- and downstream equipment and is fully enclosed and interlocked for maximum safety. To minimise downtime, it holds 400mm diameter reels.

Also on show will be the Sequence front and back labeller, the RC30 applicator for small rotary containers, the Spectrum labeller – with Catprint hot foil printer – the SPA labeller and the AP series of thermal transfer printers.

The SA Mono semi-automatic bottle labeller and a Tabletop semi-automatic flatpack labelling system will make an appearance too.

New Multi-Layer Plus extended text labels with five printed pages will be on show, while “clever” hot melt technology will demonstrate the ability to produce functional, informative promotional labels.

Sessions of York Stand: 4431 T: +44 (0) 1904 659224

Label-Aire’s wide range

Label-Aire sys it now offers the industry’s “easiest set-up, troubleshooting and changeover”, as wellas the “fastest line speeds, and most reliable operation”.

The company will display a range of air-blow, tamp-blow, and wipe-on label applicators and systems to suit most applications, including: LA 3111 Air Blow with 50 m/min and 500 mm powered unwind/rewind; LA 3114 Tamp Blow with high label placement accuracy; LA 3115 Modular Applicator Series w. – dispensing speed up to 127m/min; LA 3138 Printer Applicator w – air blow and speed compensation; LA 3038 Printer Applicator w – standard I/O interface; and LA 6000 Modular Primary Product Handling System – ultimate system flexibility.

Label-Aire Stand: 4393 T: +45 9657 0063

Romaco Hapa cracks RSS codes

Romaco says new guidelines issued by the US Food & Drug Administration indicate that it will become mandatory for each unit dose of pharmaceutical products to be coded in a bid to reduce medication errors.

With the space available for each unit dose being potentially very small, Romaco Hapa has been working in close co-operation with a number of pharmaceutical manufacturers on the implementation of reduced space symbology codes. This compact code technology includes fields for both fixed and variable data such as lot and expiry date.

The Romaco Hapa 730 Digiprint on show is said to lend itself perfectly to this task. Codes are generated automatically and imported into the relevant artwork immediately prior to the production run using Hapa’s Place-It software.

For online verification of RSS codes, Romaco Laetus will demonstrate its 2D-Cosi 8×0 scanner, configured for a variety of symbologies.

The company’s Noack 623 blister packer will be running with the Pill Protect secondary barrier system for pharmaceutical blisters, the “first solution for enhancing the child-resistant properties of blisters to achieve BS8404 certification”. It will be shown as part of a complete blister line in conjunction with a Promatic P91 intermittent motion horizontal cartoner.

Romaco will also be demonstrating the Bosspak RTC rotary tablet/capsule counter, Macofar’s compact, intermittent-motion capsule filling and closing machines, the Siebler HM1/160 for packing tablets into a four-side sealed pouch of laminated foil, and a Unipac U-2080 tube filling and closing machine.

Romaco UK Stand: 5343 T:+44 (0)1480 435050

Delicate pick and place

Specialists in packaging equipment for the chocolate, biscuit and confectionary industries, LoeschPack, will show its latest Lokem-Duo trayloader for multiple and single lane lines and high speed pick and place Delta-Robot Flex Picker.

The Lokem trayloader, which is based on a patented concept, is constructed with the specific aim of providing gentle, pressure-free handling of sensitive products with large tolerances and form deviations. Products can be stacked in a single row on top of each other, shingled or standing on edge, with rapid changeover to each configuration.

The double station Lokem Duo has a modular design allowing customisation to the customer’s specifications and fills at up to 800 trays/min.

LoeschPack Stand: 5114 T:+49 (0)9545 4490

Self-adhesive solutions promised

Sato UK will demonstrate systems to print large self-adhesive labels for chemical containers, high-resolution barcode labels for electronic and electrical goods and durable tags for heavy industrial use.

Machines range from stand-alone portable printers to print-apply equipment for integrating into packaging lines.

Visitors will also be able to see Sato’s own Label Gallery software in action and samples of “specialised high-quality labels” – such as those used in pharmaceutical packaging – manufactured at the company’s purpose-built Harwich facility.

Included in the equipment on show will be Sato’s latest range of print and apply labelling systems, the 900 series.

Sato UK Stand: 4230 T: +44 (0)1255 240000

Versatile, high-speed wrapper

Yorkshire Packaging Systems will show the latest continuous motion side sealing shrinkwrapper from Rochman. The SMAF 4020 is designed for high-speed production environments for both polyolefin and polyethylene shrink films.

Operating at up to 85 packs/min, standard features include an “extremely easy to use” programmable computer-controlled memory which is said to “drastically reduce downtime due to product changes”.

Yorkshire Packaging Stand: 4110 T:+44 (0)1924 441355

Success for Aetna

According to Aetna UK, the complete redesign and re-launch of the Dimac single roll shrink wrapping systems in 2002 created “a great deal of new interest and the level of success continues to be encouraging”.

It says that the Dimac is now one of the “most flexible single roll systems available and it has now proved its ease of operation and reliability”. Built in modular form it can be expanded or simplified on the user’s premises, should it need to be changed.

Its “quick and easy change over” and lack of change parts are said to make it ideal for companies which run non-dedicated production lines or where regular pack and size changes take place. The company says these attributes, and the fact that all-round access makes maintenance and cleaning simple, makes the machine particularly popular with contract packers.

On show in Hall 3, the systems are available for pack speeds from 20 to 80/min “at very competitive prices”.

In Hall 5, Aetna will also be exhibiting its range of pallet stretch wrappers, palletisers and L-bar sealers.

Aetna UK Stands: 3260 and 5546 T: +44 (0)1234 825050

Powerful, compact easily adjusted sealer

The “most powerful, yet smallest” air-cooled induction machine, the Superseal Deluxe, will be demonstrated on Enercon’s stand.

The company says “minimum power consumption and extreme efficiency” mean its systems can seal at line speeds in excess of 100m/min, while the intuitive controls make them extremely user-friendly.

“Investing heavily in research and development has led to a series of unique coil designs and quick-connect sealing heads. Adjusting our Superseal Deluxe for different closure sizes from 20mm to 120mm has never been easier or quicker,” says Richard Bull, managing director.

Enercon says it is also exhibiting the “fastest air-cooled induction machine ever produced – the Superseal Max” which runs in excess of 100m/min, sealing a range of closures from 20-120mm.

It incorporates a 40-character LCD display designed for easy use and provides an intelligent feedback control to the line operator.

Enercon Industries Stand: 4152 T: +44 1296 330542

Harland to show latest labellers

Pressure-sensitgive labelling specialist Harland Machine Systems will be demonstrating the latest Enterprise rotary system as well as its Titan linear labelling system and Lasersoft laser die-cutting technology.

The Enterprise is available with up to six labelling stations as standard and is said to offer “superior product handling, label material choice and continuous high-speed label application”. Operating at speeds of up to 1000 packs/min, the unit is designed for ease of maintenance, format change and operation.

The Titan heavy-duty linear system, which was developed from scratch to meet the requirements of a major international customer, applies front and back labels to a variety of bottle/container shapes and sizes at speeds of up to 450 bottles/min.

A vision system checks label presence, position and alignment, while a “user-friendly” interface and on-site training make operation easy in any language.

Also on display will be machines from the company’s Sirius series labellers.

Harland Machine Systems Stand: 4236 T: +44(0)161 8484800

Detect, checkweigh and code

Thermo Electron Corporation will highlight its range of contaminent detection, check-weighing and coding systems.

Metal detection technology on show will include three models from the recently introduced Goring Kerr DSP range which are designed to screen both metallised and non-metallised packaging and which feature the patented AuditCheck self-monitoring system.

The company says the DSP-IP model is “truly impervious” to high-pressure washdown, while the DSPRx is designed for “demanding pharmaceutical applications”.

Also aimed at the pharmaceutical sector is the Ramsey 21 CFR 11 enabled AC9 Rx checkweigher.

Allen will be represented by a wide range of the latest thermal and hot foil coders, including the new AllenCode NX intermittent and continuous thermal units.

Thermo Electron Corporation Stand: 4386 T: +44 (0)1635 201768


Power Adhesives will show a wide range of its Tecbond shaped hotmelt adhesives and Tec glue guns, including a selection of industry-standard 12mm sticks and 43mm cartridges, together with bulk formulations. The 12mm sticks are also available in a number of decorative colours and finishes for specialist applications. The range of tools extends from the recently introduced Tec 250 lightweight professional glue gun to the “phenomenally powerful and versatile” Tec 6300 spray gun.

Stand: 5045 T: +44 (0)20 8507 8433

Adpak is to unveil the Shanklin Sealed Air range, including the Triumph, a compact, constant motion sealing jaw machine which seals the product on the run. It features automatic product gapping prior to cross sealing and has an average output of 50 packs/min. A full range of sleevewrappers, new electronic flowrappers, Chamber machines and L sealers will also be featured.

Stand: 4550 T: +44(0)1282 601444

Claricom will demonstrate its latest development which offers “improved and flexible control of coding data”. The CLARiFY software is said to provide efficient and straightforward management and control of coding information, including concessions and promotional coding to ensure accurate and appropriate data is printed on every run.

Stand: 4501 T: +44(0)115 955 5156

Strafoplan – the visual planning and progress system for managing maintenance and health and safety – says its standard maintenance system can be developed for ISO9000 and Health & Safety risk assessments. The company instals T Card systems for planning and progressing a diverse range of activities. Its most popular product is the Complete Maintenance System of which it says: “easy to use, information at a glance.”

Stand: 4190 T: +44(0)1732 871417

Cyklop UK will debut two battery hand strapping tools on their stand. The CB130 is said to uniquely allow all functions to be undertaken via push button technology, doing away with the “cumbersome” lever-based design normally associatd with hand strapping tools. Meanwhile the CL100 achieves tensions up to 1000N and Cyklop says it is the only strapping tool in its price range which seals via friction welding, allowing more effective and durable sealing without the nee for metal clips.

Stand: 4491 T: +44(0)1480 216777