PTI rounds up this year's offerings at the PPMA show

“The PPMA Show tops the list of methods of sourcing machinery and equipment, with 82% of visitors voting for it in 2000 and 73% in 2001,” says exhibition director Barbara Jackson.

Visitors were asked what it was that made the PPMA Show their number one choice. Top of the list came demonstrations and an occasion to see equipment working with 73%. Runner-up was the opportunity to see new technology with 66%.

Contact with people (58%), the ability to compare different makes of equipment (57%), and the opportunity to discuss requirements on a face-to-face basis (54%) were other important factors. “The fact that there is a rising proportion of processing machinery and solids handling equipment on display recognises that over 50% of visitors have dual responsibility for both packaging and processing operations,” adds Marden Edwards principal Jeremy Marden.

Visitors at the PPMA Show in 2001 were also asked about their spending plans for this year. Some 90% said they would be buying new machinery and equipment in 2002 with 45% expecting to spend more than 2001, 10% less, 29% a similar amount and the remainder unsure.

The 2002 PPMA Show’s annual awards of excellence are to be sponsored by Festo and will be staged in the Salamander, Griffin Suite at the NEC on Tuesday, 24 September at 7.30pm.

In this year’s preview Packaging Today International has divided exhibits into three sections. On these pages we have selected a few companies that will highlight leading edge technologies. Over the page we have clearly identified those companies that have informed us that they will spotlight new products not seen before.


Stand 9131

Etiquette Packaging Systems will be launching its Whopper 10.5in printer.

This is claimed to be the first time the UK market will see a printer capable of printing high-resolution quality barcodes on large labels at speeds of up to 125mm/sec.

Labels measuring up to 266x420mm can be printed at 305dpi resolution.

Etiquette will also be unveiling its wireless LAN connectivity by RF. This cost-cutting facility enables the operator to remotely control the information being down-loaded to his print and apply machinery from an office based PC without the need for hard-wiring.

Etiquette will be also demonstrating the Zanasi range of inkjet coders which can print small character best before dates or high definition outer case barcodes.

Enquiry Number 101


Stand 9135

A low-cost tray erector/loader, developed in partnership with aerosol manufacturers, will be unwrapped ahead of packaging legislation changes.

From January 2003 UK aerosol manufacturers – in line with the rest of Europe – will have to improve the end of line packaging of aerosols to incorporate extra safety features.

Shrink-wrap only will no longer be allowed. A preformed tray to provide product stability will be essential.

Using pick and place technology, up to three batches of product are simultaneously lifted just enough to allow pre-formed trays to slide into place, prior to shrink wrapping.

The new unit can be quickly retrofitted to existing lines and can handle a range of product sizes across a range of formats with minimum line disruption.

Enquiry Number 102


Stand 6631

The latest innovation in pneumatic valve terminals will take pride of place. The CPX system is based on a flexible electrical I/O concept with user-friendly diagnostics.

CPX offers a cost-effective solution for distributed electrical input and outputs using fieldbus systems.

According to Festo, the open fieldbus is becoming the norm for packaging and processing mach-inery. The user benefits from reduced wiring.

Where a lot more progress can now be made is in using the functionality provided within the CPX system and within the bus systems.

This provides transparency for more advanced monitoring of the status of remote I/O and the diagnostics anticipate or quickly react to failure and put it right with minimum disruption.

Enquiry Number 103


Stand 6421

Fresh to the market is an energy-saving base system for handling empty lightweight PET bottles directly on to plastics chain, providing improved hygiene control and low noise levels. A neck support system is provided and 200ml-3 litre bottles with ring neck diameters of 15-43mm can be handled.

One line can handle over 60 000 bottles/hr with an installed power of just 10% of that required for an air conveyor of equal capacity.

Also new is the firm’s modular, hygienic conveyor featuring a folded stainless steel top section with a connecting system that enables sections to be joined without the need for welding.

The return chain runs in a separate plastics guide section that protects it from debris or liquid from the product-carrying top chain.

Options include plastics com-ponents in an antibacterial format and laser cut profiles for bends, enabling open structures to be created to improve cleanability.

All surfaces are self-draining. Both an integrated automatic CIP system and guide rail adjustment are under development.

Enquiry Number 104


Stand 8390

Industrial print and apply labelling systems manufacturer Logopak will be exhibiting the fruits of its three-year company development plan Logonet.

The result – to be demonstrat-ed for the first time – is a total package comprising Logo-Batch, Logo-Pal and Logo-Mail software, RSMi modules, plus RFID automatic print/write/apply labelling systems and Webmaster software and hardware.

Each offers Internet, radio frequency and telephone line connection for remote machine service.

Enquiry Number 105

Packaging Today International

Stand 6630

One of the first places you will want to visit will be the Packaging Today International stand where you will receive a warm welcome from both the editorial and sales teams.

Why not take the weight off your feet and drop in for a cup of tea, coffee or even a soft drink.

This will give you an excellent opportunity to log on to Packaging Today International’s new interactive web site.

As well as the regularly updated news section, the site contains archive material linked directly to the search engine to enable you to source articles quickly and easily.

In addition, there is a comprehensive directory section of over 500 companies together with their products and services, all fully cross-referenced in a user-friendly buyer’s guide.


Stand 8361

A new automatic labelling system, shock-resistant air cushion packaging, tamper-evident security tape and an economical case former will star on the 3M stand.

The 3M-Matic SA 2000 label applicator is an automatic labelling system said to offer accuracy and durability.

It prints variable or fixed data on a roll of Scotch linerless self-adhesive tape, applying it in label format to the top or side of moving cartons. The 3M-Matic SA 2000 label applicator is flexible and suits quick size changes.

Variable label lengths – from 50-200 mm – can be programmed from a single roll, eliminating production stoppages to change labels for different runs, and the need to pre-order and store different sized label stock.

The applicator is easy to instal on most conveyors.

A thermal transfer printer connected to a stand-alone PC or company network prints the adhesive tape.

The label tape is cut and held by a vacuum pad that applies it to the carton.

Enquiry Number 108

AGR Automation

Stand 9326

Two new modular Rotafeed centrifugal parts feeders that use standard components will take pride of place.

The conical model is designed to handle cylindrical components such as syringes, aerosols and spray devices.

The flat top model is better suited for feeding and orientating a varied range of caps and closures.

Both offer feed rates of about 1000 parts/min, depending on the size and shape of the product. They may be integrated with AGR vibratory tracks for almost silent transfer of products. Prices and delivery dates are said to be more attractive.

Enquiry Number 109

All-Fill International

Stand 8481

Spotlighted will be a new touch screen operator control panel that is now included on all models. Prices remain unchanged.

An alphanumeric status display provides the operator with information on auger performance, number of containers filled and fill rates.

It also features controls for adjustment of augur settings and agitation, together with the ability to automatically calculate the number of augur revolutions required to achieve the required fill weight.

Additionally, the panel has an error diagnostic that makes the operator aware of machine jams or control failure.

Enquiry Number 110

Avery Berkel,

Stand 7240

In the limelight will be the new Neumo PM80 depositor for volumetric filling of viscous products.

The double-acting machine is said to offer faster, continuous filling routines and is capable of dispensing into containers ranging from 250g-25kg or a single 200-litre drum. It offers semi-automatic or fully automatic operation.

Also on display will be the newly launched DP Data Management System that provides a breakdown of materials movement throughout the factory in a series of user-definable reports to monitor the efficiency of the production process.

This will be linked to an articulated arm filler for weigh-filling into multi-on-pallet containers.

Enquiry Number 111

Ballinger Rawlings

Stand 7551

A range of tube and sack closing equipment from Joisten and Kettenbaum will be introduced.

HTMST sack closing systems are claimed to be easier and faster to operate than the models they supersede and are now available with air suction to reduce bag volume or the shaking of packaged goods.

New in the Fermant range of equipment is the 40-2M-T tube-closing unit. Designed to cater for different tube sizes and thicknesses of material, it is ideal for small batches or for prototype product runs in the pharmaceutical, cosmetic, medical or veterinary sectors where guaranteed reliable sealing is vital.

Enquiry Number 112


Stand 7351

Conveyor specialist CSL will introduce its new range of space saving spiral elevators and lowerators suited to the food, drink and pharmaceutical industries.

Also on show will be powdered roller conveyors for handling cases, shrinkwrapped packs and tote bins. Slat and plastics mat conveyors for clean areas and lighter weight products will be displayed alongside pallet handling roller conveyors for transporting heavy products.

Enquiry Number 113

Digi Europe

Stand 8241

Two new arrivals to Digi Europe’s weigh price labeller stable will be under the spotlight.

The HI-3600 super fast weigh price labeller is designed to meet the capabilities of today’s high speed wrappers reaching throughput of up to 200 packs/min. A further development to this machine lies in its ability to handle wraparound EcoFlex.

Enquiry Number 114

Driver Southall

Stand 6100

Fresh to the market will be two new machines. The eye-level control P1000 MkII in-line dynamic checkweigher features upgraded electronics, a weighing system that is quick to respond and brushless dc motors fitted to quieter and easily maintained conveyors.

Also new will be the compact P1000 static checkweigher for lightweight pharma-ceuticals and cosmetics such as inhalers, contact lenses and lipsticks. At a speed of 60 packs/min, the P1000 delivers accuracy to 0.05g.

The recently launched P2000, with its TFT display touch panel screen will also be on show. Features include reconfigurable input/output, unlimited data storage and portable memory module that can be transferred between different machines and become instantly operational.

Enquiry Number 115

Golconda/Concetti UK

Stand 8381

The Concetti Group will be presenting the Continua 1800. The latest version of its FFS machines uses reel-wound tubular plastics and is particularly suited to sectors requiring high throughput combined with precision weighing of bagged products.

New to the IGF line is the Omina IGF 1200. Intended for throughputs of 1200 bags/hr, it is designed for automatic bagging using ready-made open mouth bags. It can work with both small and large bags carrying weights from 0.5-50kg.

A key feature is the double bag storage trolley along with the universal discharge mouth for good sealing. IGF Omina can be coupled with net weighers using gravity or belt feed systems.

Enquiry Number 122

Graham Labelling Systems

Stand 9130

A new addition to the high speed VF sleeving range with a capability of sleeving up to 800 products/min will be unveiled. Other treasures on show include label applicators with wider labelling heads to cope with longer length labels and specialist product handling systems for fragile and awkward products.

Graham will be demonstrating shrink sleeving on their VF and RF sleeving systems for visitors interested in high, medium and lower speed lines.

For the labelling visitors a selection of machines based on the Commander labelling head performing top, underside and multihead labelling will be on view.

Enquiry Number 123


Stand 8441

Guttridge, the Spalding-based bulk materials handling specialists are launching a revised and more comprehensive range of Multiflo tubular screw conveyors.

The Multiflo range includes a number of new options and configurations to make it easier for clients to build up special configurations that more precisely match their requirements.

Guttridge also manufactures a range of conveyors, elevators and ancillaries for foods, feeds, chemicals, minerals and pharmaceuticals.

Enquiry Number 124

Hilge Pumps

Stand 6700

Pole position will be taken by the new Contra single or multi-stage sterile centrifugal pump manufactured in 316L low carbon stainless steel from both heavy duty deep drawn material and solid forgings to ensure material integrity with a fissure free smooth surface finish.

The O ring seal on the casings and the impellers of the multi-stage pump conform to hygienic design. This guarantees cleanability and sterilisation for CIP and SIP processes as well as safety for the user and operator of a sterile processing system.

The performance parameters for the Contra range are a flow rate up to 35 m3/hr, a differential head up to 15 Bar. Maximum working temperature up to 140 deg C, and a maximum working pressure of 16 bar.

Enquiry Number 125


Stand 6501

The Delta 3000 HSR – a high-speed, inverted electronic flow-wrapper, the Delta 2000 LD – a low-cost electronic flow-wrapper for smaller manufacturers, and a new series of PC controlled Vegatronic 2000 VFFS machines will make their debut.

The 3000 is capable of producing MAP packs at 160 packs/min. The film is fed in to the machine from below the level of the product flow, allowing loose pieces to be placed directly on to the film, ensuring good hygiene standards.

This makes it ideal for irregularly shaped or unsupported products such as sliced cheeses or meats.

The 2000 produces 60 MAP packs/min and is also capable of handling a range of product sizes.

The Vegatronic 2000 VFFS machine features nip rollers with load cell for film tension control, new design sealing jaw system with increased seal pressure, new design of film and drive mechanism.

Enquiry Number 126


Stand 8400

Centre stage will be a new unit for liquid filling applications that is designed to appeal to pharmaceutical and cosmetics and toiletries manufacturers.

The Multifil F97 filling and closing machine can be fitted with a range of dosing systems including gravity, rotating valve and front valve volumetric pumps, time/pressure pumps, peristaltic pumps and vacuum fillers with a levelling unit.

It can handle volumes from 0.5-500ml and can apply different stoppers, inserts and closures. It can be used to pack injectables, eye dops, pharmaceutical or toiletry sprays, creams and hair dyes.

Also new will be the AC120 overwrapper, specifically aimed at the cosmetics and toiletries markets. It is designed to handle cartons with a high gloss finish at high speeds and the seal of the cross film overlap is at the back of the carton to keep the other faces free of marks and wrinkles.

It can wrap single items or collations of products at speeds of up to 120 wraps/min. A new automatic film change system permits it to run continuously. Size changes can be achieved in less than five minutes without the need for tools.

Enquiry Number 127

Interactive Coding Equipment

Stand 940

The spotlight will be placed firmly on a new version of the Zodiac thermal transfer coder together with a network system that allows coders of different makes to be linked together.

The Zodiac LA coder provides a bigger coding area than the original model. This allows greater coding flexibility for products and packs that require a large amount of variable information. The larger Zodiac’s print area measures 107x75mm.

Enquiry Number 128

Ishida Europe

Stand 9326

A dedicated line for weighing and packing of fresh produce will be unwrapped. The line feeds, weighs and discharges product into trays.

Sealing, checkweighing, metal detection, labelling and automatic packing into secondary packaging completes the line.

Line elements include Ishida’s waterproof multihead weigher and checkweigher ranges and its recently introduced flexible packaging system that automates previously labour-intensive end-of-line routines.

Enquiry Number 132

Kadek Systems

Stand 6670

A new flexible/plastics bag handling system with an innovative infeed system will make its debut. The K-350VL unit is suited to any industry/process that requires automated flexible package handling.

The plastics bag handling system is shown with a hot foil printer. This machine is equally capable of accommodating additional equipment such as over printers, label applicators and ink jet printers.

Enquiry Number 133

Lock Inspection Systems

Stand 7320

Focus of attention will be on two new additions to the MET 30+ metal detector range – the 3f and touchscreen options. Both operate at three crystal frequencies – high, medium and low. The correct frequency is chosen automatically, whatever the product or packaging.

This means that users can pass polywrapped and metallised film wrapped products through one machine, rather than operating two machines at different frequencies. Three discrete quartz crystal oscillators are said to deliver a precise and stable frequency to the detector coils.

The touchscreen model incorporates Lock’s ADC software, allowing data to be viewed from the detector rather than a networked PC or laptop.

ADC takes transmitted and received signals from the metal detector and translates the data into graphical format on the PC screen.

Enquiry Number 134

Loma Systems

Stand 9160

On display in Rapid compact and PipeLine options, the new AXIS X3 is designed to detect minute contaminants and product defects and is capable of reaching speeds of 90m/min.

The linear array is reputed to produce crystal clear images and different sensor options provide the right sensitivity match for specific product applications, ranging in size from 0.25-0.8mm.

The AXIS X3 AutoTrack software provides contamin-ant detection and can identify product defects. A powerful X-ray source is said to provide a better image contrast and will detect softer contaminants such as bone, rubber or plastics.

Enquiry Number 143


Stand 6621

Aiming to strengthen its market share of the thermal transfer coder sector, Markem will launch the SmartDate 3 Plus range.

Comprising SmartDate 3i Plus and 3c Plus, both models feature SmartTouch, a com-mon user interface said to provide a faster and easier way to control coding operations. SmartTouch will also be unveiled at the show.

Key features of the SmartDate 3i Plus and 3c Plus are more processing power for faster imaging, an expanded database memory, portable data transport and added flexibility for the integration of other systems.

Capabilities of the series also include easy operator fault-finding capabilities, rem-ote diagnostics, production data logging features and flexible operation.

Enquiry Number 144

O/K International [Europe]

Stand 9150

New additions will include the OK Performer, an entry-level case erector, and the firm’s random size case taper.

The Supersealer range has also been extended to include band sealers that may be painted or supplied in stainless steel.

Enquiry Number 145


Stand 9345

In pole position will be the modular System 520 that is able to handle most decorative labelling applications at speeds up to 250cpm. Other options include additional control functions, large unwinds or wraparound units.

Also on display will be the Pagomat 428 pallet labelling system. This provides automatic pallet identification and data integration through sequential control, pallet labelling, checking and recording.

Enquiry Number 146


Stand 6641

Vacuum technology company Piab will premier its range of vacuum conveyors developed to satisfy the requirements of the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) and FDA.

Aimed at the food and pharmaceuticals industries, the conveyors will deliver a maximum capacity of over 5-tonnes/hr.

The modular conveyors run by a pneumatic vacuum pump can be adapted to meet customer needs. They are manufactured using ASTM 316L, a special grade of steel used in the foodstuffs and pharmaceuticals industries.

The filter in the conveyors can trap particles as small as 0.5 micron and, where necessary, the conveyor can also be equipped with a high-efficiency particulate air filter.

The new conveyors have diameters of 21 and 56cm and supplement the previous 33cm diameter design.

Enquiry Number 147

Reiser UK

Stand 9350

Reiser will unveil the latest model in its series of Ross Inpack modified atmosphere packaging machines. The new tray sealers can reach production levels from 10-100 packs/min.

Now automated, Ross tray sealers are designed for quick tool changeovers for versatility. Other equipment to be demon-strated includes a Vemag continuous vacuum filler and a Supervac automatic belt chamber vacuum packing machine.

Enquiry Number 148


Stand 8040

This show will provide the launch pad for a new liquid filler from Romaco’s Macofar division.

The LVI 4-8 is an automatic monobloc machine designed for the pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries. The monobloc concept provides flexible in-line config-uration with separate filling/closure.

The four volumetric filling pumps can be supplied in stainless steel or ceramic material. The dosing system is available with a choice of either ball or rotating valve and CIP or SIP systems are available as an option.

The output of the LVI 4 is 4000 bottles/hr, while its LVI 8 counterpart offers 8000 bottles/hr. Fill range is 0.5-500cc (300cc for the LVI 8). Vials with diameters from 16-85mm and heights from 35-200mm can be handled.

Enquiry Number 158


Stand 7321

Sessions will be unveiling its semi-automatic Mono and Duo bottle labellers for applying a single label or front and back labels around cylindrical containers.

The SSA Mono and Duo bottle labellers can handle bottle sizes between 10 and 90mm in diameter. Bench mounted, the SSA models are capable of interfacing with hot foil, thermal transfer and ink jet printers.

Enquiry Number 159

Sollas UK

Stand 8571

Fresh to the market will be the Bandum S. The machine has been developed for banding products with different wrapping materials and can handle varying widths of band.

The new Bandum S is PLC controlled and features an electrostatic film-feed system, which means that the film is not mechanically transported but carried around the product electrostatically. The Bandum S has a maximum speed of 35 cycles/min.

Also on show from the Sollas stable will be the Sollas 20. New to this model is the independent product transfer unit featured in the outfeed section of the machine. This unit enables the wrapped product to transfer independently through the wrapping cycle to avoid the possibility of products sticking to one another.

The compact Sollas M60 overwrapping machine, able to top 100/min overwrapping speeds, will also be present.

Enquiry Number 160


Stand 9720

In pole position will be the Multicount series of electronic digital counters and tachometer/dwell time indicators. All units feature red LED displays with input and output state indication.

The units are supplied in 48x96mm wide DIN enclosures and work on supply voltages of 110/230V ac. A 12V dc sensor supply is provided. Single and dual relay output counters are available.

Features include user programmable scaling and output pulse duration, where applicable, and the batch counters incorporate thumb wheel switches for ease of setting.

Enquiry Number 161

Volkmann UK

Stand 6502

A new generation of vacuum conveyors for the transportation of tablets, capsules and other sensitive solids is to be launched by Volkmann. This gentle transportation means blister packaging machines can be loaded directly with the vacuum conveyors.

Vacuum technology is also present in the company’s latest generation of Multijectors – multiple stage ejectors with new suction cups – in pick and place and pack opening and closing applications.

Enquiry Number 162

Weber Marking Systems

Stand 6480

Centrepiece will be the new RSE 2500 modular wraparound and side labelling applicator system that is supplied with a choice of base conveyors, transport belts and chains.

Hot foil, ink jet or laser coders may be used with the system that offers 350 products/min for side labelling and 100/min in wraparound mode.

Enquiry Number 163

Webster Griffin

Stand 9551

The new CV25 B&C high-speed, low-cost FFS bagging machine will take pride of place.

Developed for packing sand, aggregate, chemicals, pet food, food ingredients and composts into 5-40kg plastics bags, it may be adjusted for different bag sizes and can also make bags with handles – with or without side gussets.

Enquiry Number 164


Stand 9041

Barcode Checker – a new automatic verifying system – will take pride of place. It scans the barcode to approved CEN/ANSI standards and allows product to continue on its way.

Should a code not be detected or not verify, a warning beacon and siren is activated.

An optional pneu-matic ram or gate can transfer a ‘bad’ bar-code from the con-veyor to a contain-ment table.

Barcode Checker is compatible with line speeds of up to 40m/min and can verify most codes including EAN 128 and ITF 14.

Enquiry Number 165

Wrapid Packaging Systems

Stand 7461

An array of new technology will be highlighted. Making its UK debut will be the high speed, automatic BVM Compacta 5022 with shrink tunnel.

The 5022, a continuous operation, automatic in-line packaging machine, offers a maintenance-free, constantly heated, travelling sealing system. This includes a separate cutting knife that has electronic temperature control and can seal many packaging films. The unit has an optimum package passage height of 220mm and runs at up to 60 packs/min.

Also from the Compacta range will be the entry level Trend. This low cost packaging solution has a throughput speed of up to 30 cycles/min, making it ideal for small to medium batch runs.

The Smipack S560NA, a member of a new family of packaging machines, will also be making its UK debut.

Enquiry Number 169

Adpak Machinery Systems

Stand 8080

On show will be the Gemini flow wrapper. It uses fixed forming boxes for accuracy or adjustable forming boxes for accuracy or adjustable forming boxes for ease of product changes.

Other features include easy access to independent variable speed controls and simple mechanical adjustments, facilitat-ing minimum product changeover times.

Also within Adpak’s flow wrapper range is the Gemini 65 box motion models which are designed in two formats – standard top film application and bottom film application for more unstable products.

These models are designed to work with barrier films of all types, producing airtight seals where gas flushing or no air change is required.

Enquiry Number 106

Aetna Group

Stand 8480

Robopac SA, part of Aetna, will demonstrate the semi-automatic turntable pallet stretch wrappers, including the new snap and grab feature, claimed to make the wrapping operation more effective. Also for the first time in the UK the company will exhibit the re-designed battery operated mobile robot, said to be more flexible with speed and wrap patterns.

From Robopac Sistemi will be the high-speed Genesis featuring lighter components to allow top speeds of 110 wrapped pallets/hr. Dimac will present its single roll shrink wrapping St@r system. Weitek will be represented by a number of small weighing systems and the WFM tubular bagging system.

Enquiry Number 107


Stand 9135

Showcased will be a working shampoo filling and capping line, incorporating an eight-head Gravfil Zeta in-line flowmeter filler and a Dico single spindle servo driven capper.

Operating at speeds of over 120 units/min, the Zeta offers tool-free changeovers, on-the-run fill volume adjustment, drip free clean filling, a diving nozzle for optimal fluid control and no-bottle-no-fill. The Dico capper has an orientation system that utilises vision system technology.

Other features include dial-in-cap torque and menu-driven size changeover.

Enquiry Number 116

Autoflow Packaging

Stand 9141

Orwin Automation’s flexible intelligent packaging systems, which can use vision systems to orientate, sort [by colour or shape] and count components prior to the assembly and/or packaging processes, will take pride of place.

Also on show will be a small Autoflow Padana cleanroom, the walls of which are modular and constructed using high-pressure melamine laminate bonded to an aluminium frame.

Enquiry Number 117

BluePrint Automation

Stand 7420

BluePrint Automation will present its range of case packing systems for handling all types of bags, including pillow bags, block-bottom bags, doypack bags, four-sided sealed bags and wrap-around bags. Also on view will be robotic handling cells, gravity case packing systems and crate loading systems, designed for both horizontal and vertical packing.

Enquiry Number 118

Bradman Lake

Stand 9355

Focus of attention will be on proven performers, including the latest SW701 wraparound sleeve machine which runs up to 80 sleeves/min.

The latest Compact 3 closer will feature flexible carton control with rubber fingers on independ-ently driven overhead conveyors and positive, servo-driven turn correction. Operating speeds up to 120 cartons/min can be maintained.

Enquiry Number 119

Burge Equipment

Stand 6650

Burge Equipment will highlight Palace Packaging machinery that will count and feed batches of sachets and pouches, including desiccant pouches, through to electrical components, nuts and bolts.

Palace Packaging also makes unscrambling and orientation equipment.

Also on show will be the Air-Veyor which feeds items such as bottle tops and corks from a hopper in to an air stream that propels the items in tubing for distances of up to 100m and heights of up to 8m.

At the end of the tubing items are removed from the air stream by a cyclone. This can also be used to remove dust.

Multiple feed tubes to supply multiple packaging lines can be fed from one hopper.

Enquiry Number 120