The UK's first RIPit LabelRIP prepress system designed specifically for label production has been installed at the Bradford factory of Storey Evans. It was supplied by Dantex Graphics, exclusive UK agent for the system from the US based RIPit Computer Corp.

Storey Evans specializes in pharmaceutical labels and packaging, where accuracy is vital. Most labels and many of the smaller packs are printed several up, and the company has always been very conscious of the need to ensure that when the image is stepped, all the data is included every time. Meticulous checking took up a great deal of the Mac operators’ time.

"So we immediately saw the possibilities of the LabelRIP system," says prepress manager Malcolm Taylor: "The key to its remarkable productivity is that our Mac operators now only work on a single image. The RIP automatically handles all the print-specifc layout tasks, such as the step and repeat function, distortion, and placement of bearer bars with the registration marks. We also have the option to automatically incorporate a lot of variable data such as job names and/or number, date and time.

"The highly skilled prepress operators can concentrate their time on the single image production, allowing the intelligent RIPit LabelRIP to complete the routine tasks which convert the single image into full plate film."

The company’s prepress department handles around 100 jobs a week, of which more than 40 per cent are already being handled by the new system.