UK based entrepreneur Michael Wilcox has patented software claimed to ensure “fail-safe full gamut printing” from just six basic colours. “The approach I propose should be cost effective in all applications and save a great deal of money and time in most,” he promises. “The quality of everyday printing will be greatly enhanced; specialist colour printing will be dramatically enhanced.

“Recognition of the ‘biases’ of the various reds, yellows and blues lies at the heart of my approach,” he continues. “Six colour types are defined by their bias toward or away from the ‘secondary’ colours of green, yellow and violet. After careful selection, two types of red, two blues and two yellows are used in a certain way to give the fullest possible gamut.

“I believe the present system has gone as far as it is able. Despite high costs and complications of colour management, and of specialist inks, we still have a situation whereby much time is spent at the press trying to adjust printed colours to suit an often unhappy customer. The packaging industry will be very interested in the fuller gamut without the use of expensive specialist inks, and digital printing will improve dramatically.”



Michael Wilcox
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