The world of semi-bulk liquid containers has been widened by the arrival of the Cargocube, developed between bulk liquid logistics specialist Arena IBC and pallet box manufacturer SCA.

Combining a sturdy six-ply corrugated box with an integrated VLDPE liner, Cargocube is being described as potentially ‘the first one-trip bulk liquid container to answer all the requirements of a typical user’.

“Traditionally, the choice has been restricted to drums or the bottle-in-cage type of unit,” says Arena IBC managing director Patrick Dempsey. “Both of these bring notable problems because they are difficult and costly to re-use, or if they are not re-used, companies must pay for disposal.”

The Arena design combines the advantages of cardboard systems – low cost, disposability and the avoidance of initial capital investment, while overcoming assembly and manoeuvring difficulties. Cargocube is delivered flat-packed with its liner in place. Assembly should take 10 seconds thanks to its Snaplock base locking. It is then placed on a standard pallet and filled by the Arena patented valve system.

Cargocube can be stacked three-high as a static load and is particularly suitable for deep sea container transport, stowing 20 to a standard 20ft ISO container.