The end-to-end solution is designed to combine cryogenic and cold chain logistics, serialisation compliance and global distribution


Thermo Fisher Scientific office in Canada. (Credit: Raysonho/Wikipedia)

Thermo Fisher Scientific has introduced new cell and gene therapy integrated commercial packaging and distribution services across the US and Europe.

The new offering, dubbed Patheon Commercial Packaging Services for Cell and Gene Therapies (CGT), will support the transition of therapies from clinic to commercial launch.

CGT is an end-to-end solution that combines GMP storage, serialisation, ultracold and cryogenic packaging, and global distribution, said the company.

Thermo Fisher Scientific clinical trial services president Chris Armstrong said: “There is a large number of cell and gene therapies reaching commercialisation in the next few years that will make a significant impact in patients’ lives.

“Our integrated services are specifically designed to meet specialised needs for cell and gene therapies to ensure supply chain integrity from manufacturing through packaging, labelling and distribution. This will help accelerate the introduction of these important life-saving medicines.”

Thermo Fisher’s new CGT offering supports the Drug Supply Chain and Security Act (DSCSA) and falsified medicines directive (FMD), ensuring product identification throughout the supply chain.

The company claims its in-house shipper fleet enables seamless distribution, with experience shipping to more than 5,000 clinical sites worldwide in over 39 countries.

Its Patheon Total Transportation Management enables white glove courier services for high-value shipments, providing complete oversight of the supply chain.

Thermo Fisher Scientific is offering its new packaging and distribution services at Frederick, Maryland, and Weil-am-Rhein, Germany to support the commercial launch in the US and EU.

The new services will complement its fully integrated development and manufacturing capabilities for cell and gene therapy, said the company.

The capabilities include translational biology, process development and GMP batch manufacturing services to streamline the entire supply chain.

Its end-to-end solutions, combined with an extensive global supply network, will support cell and gene therapy developers across their project lifecycles, said Thermo Fisher Scientific.