The new machine can process paper-based flow packs using the heat-sealing process with a high-performance range of 90m/minute


Theegarten-Pactec has introduced new high-performance packaging machine for chocolate products. (Credit: Theegarten-Pactec)

Theegarten-Pactec, a provider of packaging machines and systems, has introduced a new modular high-performance packaging machine, dubbed FPC5, for chocolate products.

Designed for bars in flow packs, the new machine holds the potential to process paper-based flow packs using the heat-sealing process with a high-performance range of 90m/minute.

The machine has been designed to produce a flow pack package made of barrier paper with integrated heat-sealing capability, as well as a paper content of up to 95%.

The packaging produced can be fully recycled in the paper waste stream and reused for new applications, as they have the low proportions of sealing material and barrier layer against grease penetration moisture or other environmental influences.

By accurately preheating the longitudinal sealing and cross-sealing areas of the paper, the optimal processing of paper-based packaging on the FPC5 can be achieved.

The paper does not deform during this process due to an advanced pre-drawing section, thereby helping to achieve a higher initial temperature in selected places before the chocolate bars are packaged and heat-sealed.

For protecting the sensitive packaging material, the company has adapted the sealing profile or the sealing jaws to the paper material to achieve a perfect match.

Adjustable heating temperatures will facilitate the process to optimally adapt both to the requirements of the packaging material and the characteristics of the product to be packaged.

It will help prevent damage to the packaging material, in addition to allowing the machine to process the package with particular sensitivity.

The forming shoulder has been modified to produce paper-based form-fill-seal bags on the FPC5 machine.

Theegarten-Pactec stated that it can supply the right machine for secondary packaging in cartons with the BLM cartoner.

BLM cartoner has been developed to better fit with a primary packaging machine in the high-performance range.

The combination of horizontal form, fill and seal machine and cartoner will help to use paper-based packaging materials for primary and secondary packaging applications.

In March this year, Theegarten-Pactec unveiled a new sealing technology for sustainable packaging of chocolate products.